Trip Report: July 26_August 5

Today is the day! With any luck, in twelve hours we will be in the air.
Can I confess that I'm nervous..?! This is my first time taking a Baby to Disney and my first time traveling to Disney with my parents since becoming a parent myself.
Overview: me, DH Tim, DD5 Babycakes, DS6 months Tory Baby, my mom Nan, my dad Grumps. Staying for ten nights at CBR. (Two rooms, hopefully connecting) Celebrating 38th wedding anniversary for my parents (they honeymooned in Barbados).
I enjoyed keeping an "on the go trip report"on Chat last summer so I'll do my best to learn the forum and keep this thread updated!
Plans for the week include both water parks for the first time, cake delivered to my parents'room, LTT lunch, Garden Grill dinner, Premium Frozen package 8/1.
Everyone has tickets and FPPs except me. I'm buying my ticket tonight. Wish me luck to get the FPPs I'll need.


Can't wait to follow! I also have a ds6 months so I will look forward to hearing how it goes... I'm too nervous to take the little man yet, maybe next year wink have a great trip!

Oooh! Following! sunny

Looking forward to following! Have a safe flight!

Keep us posted when u can!!

Car was packed on time, left around noon to pick up my parents and caravan drive about an hour and a half to a small airport (bypassed the major city for lower fares!)
Plane is delayed by about twenty minutes. I wanted to catch wishes tonight from TTC but that won't happen!

Hang in there, have a magical trip, will be following your thread

We took off twenty minutes late but landed about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule! We got right on the mickey bus and departed the airport. The new movie on the bus was underwhelming. We stopped at yacht club and boardwalk. We were the third stop for CBR! We checked in at the online counter. I can't remember the cast members name but he really wanted me to skidaddle. He gave me the map that said second floor Martinique. Ih requested first floor Barbados or Jamaica. I asked if he could check for first floor he said they were sold out but would call, then the person on the phone just have told him that we already were assigned to the first floor. He just didn't realize it at first. So we ended up in connecting, first floor rooms with my parents having a corner room.... Lucky them! It looks like Martinique will be a pretty easy walk to old port royal. I am pleased that we have the Dory wallpaper boarder in our rooms, ih been seeing that the boarder had been removed from some rooms but i like it.
It's been three hours since we landed and no bags yet, hopefully by midnight.
Tomorrow is blizzard Beach!

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Last night the bags were delivered at 11:50. Tim said the delivery man scanned each yellow tag and then scanned a bar code on the inside on the door. Very interesting.... Disney is a machine!
I forgot to tell you.... Last night as we were walking thru Barbados I told my parents that I had requested to be there as a memory of their honeymoon 38 years ago, then Babycakes pipes in, "there is a surprise tomorrow, but I can't tell you!" Ha! Tim was surprised she had kept the secret this long. So when we return from blizzard Beach this afternoon there should be a six inch chocolate cake in the room for my parents (with a balloon). Fingers crossed its there!
Another thing I failed to mention in my previous post.... I have the best baby! wink he made one small peep on the plane at the beginning then nursed on take off, napped for most of the flight then nursed a bit on decent while not smiling at everyone at around us! And Babycakes was perfectly behaved too. So relieved!


We were up early to get ready for blizzard beach. We got breakfast at old port royal. I split the bounty platter with my mom (scrambled eggs, biscuit, French toast, sausage, bacon) I think this is a good value. Babycakes got kids Mickey waffles.
As we got to the bus stop at about 8:15 I remembered I didn't have my voucher to pick up my travel agent rate ticket so the family stayed the bus stop and I ran back the room with Tory Baby. I met up with everyone at blizzard beach. We got a shaded area in the sand at tikes peak. My mom stayed with Tory while the rest of us road team boat and red rapids. We had a lot of fun at blizzard beach. I missed some slides from taking care of the baby but I hope to get back later in the week. I rode slusher gusher. Oh my! I got air on the second drop, my bathing suit was between my butt by the bottom and there was so much water gushing over my eyes I had to close them....I was scared! The mini donuts were divine. Babycakes chose chocolate dipping sauce. I wanted to try raspberry.
When we returned from blizzard beach we arrived to the chocolate cake for my parents in their room with three balloons. The cake was delicious and very nicely decorated. Everyone was pleased.
Lunch at old port royal was next and then off to Hollywood!
We accomplished a lot, but I really don't like FPP. from 3:15 till 8:45 we did great movie ride cowboy side, beauty and the beast, Disney junior, toy story, Muppets, star tours, tower of terror and quick service dinner. I wanted to see F! at 9pm but they announced standing room only by 8:20 so we left.
Tomorrow is magic kingdom with Anna and Elsa fast pass!


Yesterday we were at no from rope drop till wishes. It would be easier to tell you what we didn't do than what we did do!
Tory Baby's favorites were Elsa, small world and carousel.
Babycakes raised her arms a few times during big thunder mountain which was cute to see.
We ate lunch at liberty tree tavern. I enjoyed the colony salad and I had one if Babycakes' mozzarella sticks which was good. I also got a dole whip float for the first time. I shared with Tory Baby and it was easily his most favorite food he has ever eaten. soaking of his eating habits, I'm nursing him wherever/whenever and it seems to be working to keep him happy.
We had dinner at cosmic rays and it feels like the menu prices went up from last year....?
I love the photos service and we took a bunch, but not all of them are in my account's been less than 24 hours. I hope they appear today.
We used FPP today, but not without some issues. I copied my husband's selections to mine because I only bought my ticket when we got here. The mobile app just says "successfully copied" but it doesn't tell you that if the attraction our time was too popular it have you something else.
Other issue is that we are connected to my parents. When trying to get our 4th+ selections sometimes we were connected and sometimes we were not. So my husband's never knew who's magic bands he needed when he waited in line to get the extra selections.
Today's plan is mk again for mine train and hopefully FoFthen a swim break.


Sounds like a fantastic trip so far! I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Yesterday we went mk again. We missed the welcome show by a few minutes, grabbed breakfast at Starbucks and needed an "emergency" diaper change in the baby center. Once we finally got started we used our fast passes for mine train. We sat in the first car. Babycakes had her arms up. I have to say I was a little disappointed....maybe the back of the train is better? My mom took Tory Baby on pooh while we were on mine train which worked perfectly. We lucked out by getting in a relatively short line to meet Buzz in tomorrow land.
Next Tim and I went to space mountain while the others rode Buzz. According to reports my dad couldn't stop laughing as Babycakes spun the cat around everyone he was trying to aim. The first day with me my dad got about 128k and with Babycakes he got less than 10k!
I told Babycakes she could get her face painted twice or do pirate's league once so she decided on face painting. In Tomorrowland she was transformed into an "ice princess". Funny thing was she was wearing a pirate dress but that's what I love about her. (The cast member that painted get face wouldn't accept a tip. I believe I have tipped face painters in the past.) Our next fast pass was for under the sea, then lunch at Columbia house. (Broccoli salad with chicken was delicious but I'm sure the portion size was smaller and the price was higher than last year! I'm noticing that trend all over the park!)
By this point we got our fourth fast pass for Peter pan at 5:30. It was only about 1:30 and the wait times seemed high all around so we raised the white flag and came back for a swim.
We went to the kiddie play pool at CBR first. Of course after I laugh at my dad for getting soaked by the bucket that dumps gallons of water the same thing happens to me! Too funny. Then we moved over to the regular pool. We brought a noodle and dive sticks. Babycakes is learning how to five to the bottom. She loved practicing. Once we finally convinced her to try the slides she likes those too. One slide is shorter than I anticipated so I had to lay down on my back (and its darker inside) the other one was still fun but much more tame. (Babycakes had made a friend on the bus and we saw him at the pool so that was fun.) Back in the room we showered and headed back to mk. Another stop at Starbucks , meet tinker bell (to stay dry from the rain) then Peter pan fast pass time! We saw Mickey philharmagic, under the sea, Dumbo then dinner. I had pot roast macaroni and cheese at friar's nook. Tory Baby did very well eating the shredded beef. Tim got pizza at Pinocchio Haus and Babycakes got power pack (yogurt, grades, Apple's, carrots, small granola bar, drink) in a cute cardboard box which of choose she wants to save. We got a prefect spot at the beginning on the electric parade, Tory Baby feel asleep after the first float, then home on the bus!
Today is EPCOT with garden grill dinner!

Here is my Pirate Ice Princess, Babycakes.


Love following along!!!

We are at test track

Figment! We are very behind on touring plan, but fun anyway.

I'm a little behind writing this, but Wednesday at EPCOT the only things we missed from our touring plan were maelstrom and jamminators. We did test track and spaceship earth twice. At voices of liberty they told me there is a new album on I tunes. I can't wait to buy it when we get home!
We had early dinner at garden grill. The food and service were excellent. Characters were fun! I normally do not get motion sick, but I was sitting backwards and went from starving to over stuffed in forty five minutes and I think that got to me a bit. I was presently surprised to find out that soda was included in the price. The berry dessert was everything I hoped it would be. I would definitely eat there again.
We saw illumination then exited at the back. We walked to boardwalk General store to get Tim a pint of chocolate ice cream. (That is a staple in his diet at home and they don't sell it at CBR) then we walked to DHS to catch the bus.

Thursday was awful, but I'll take an awful day in Disney over a good day at home. We split up from my parents and went to blizzard beach. One small child, one baby at a waste park with only two adults was not manageable. First the bus driver drive past blizzard beach and had to double back after animal kingdom, that should have been the first cluethat we shouldn't going to blizzard beach!
We found a shaded spot and I took Babycakes to purple slope except I missed the turn so went way past it and had to turn around. Finally get there and go down to race. Fun slide. Climb the stairs again to do the curvy one and the line stops because they are changing a light bulb (red/green above slide) they appear be almost done so we wait, then when they are done I find out they have wait fifteen minutes start water in slide again so we walk down to find Tim. Next tim goes to double dipper alone, feels like he took forever but when he is back I go. I wait for a while finally go down the slide, I got air, got a wedgie and was generally scared!
I find the family in the lazy river with relative ease.
To be continued...

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Lining from DHS frozen premium parade section. I thought I was paying $59 per person to not have to wait in the hot Sun for forever to get a good parade spot.....I have been dying to give Disney more I'd my money for some special/hard ticketed event so when this came along I thought it would be perfect. I've been in line/ waiting since 9:52AM, it's been an hour so far and the parade hasn't even started at the front if the park yet. I am stuffed with a Mickey bar and hydrated....sort of. Live and learn.We will see how the rest of the package goes.
They do allow one adult per child to sit in the kid's section at the front of the premium section (I know at the beginning the kid's had to sit by themselves)

Back in the room taking a much needed break. Too bad all this Frozen stuff isn't actually cold! wink For those considering the coronation parade I'd suggest dressing up and trying to get your child to walk in the parade. It looked a lot more fun, but anyway we saw the parade then went to Wandering Oaken's for lots of pictures, playing in the "snow" and ice skating. I stayed off the ice w/ Tory Baby but the others enjoyed it. The snow is actually ice. We took a lot of pictures. Hopefully one with Olaf will become our holiday card. The ice skating show was cute too!
Next up was the sing a long. We were in the third row and it was all worth it to watch Babycakes belt out every word! The 2 royal historians are wicked funny, great show, don't miss it!
We are planning on doing some laundry and swimming at the quiet pool. I'm getting the caribbean salad w/ chicken for lunch. I had it yesterday and it was light but filling. I recommend it!