Trip report J18X



wait, what? do you mean they’re all connected inside?


Yup, on the left-hand side. You can go all the way up in air-conditioned bliss.


OH-EM-GEE, this is VERY good information. thank you SO much for mentioning it!!


HEA dessert party

I’ve written about this in my regular reports, but it’s another way of cheating. The general viewing areas looked absolutely brutal. Crammed with people. No way to move. Must have been insanely hot. Long wait times. Ugh.


The Lines app

Treat with caution. There’s a lot of negativity there. All kinds of stuff to scare you about your upcoming trip. Bed bugs for example.


Thanks @profmatt for the awesome trip report and to all your TPF friends who made reading it additionally entertaining. You gave me great tips for my Nov/Dec solo WDW/UOR trip.

I suggest making your next Disney trip a Disneyland trip. I think you might enjoy the lack of planning needed. No 180 ADRs. No 60 FPP. MaxPass is day of only - for everyone! Plus, there are so many great, inexpensive, non-Disney hotels within walking distance. No buses!

Thanks again. It’s been super fun following your adventures. Safe travels.


Good tips. I will say for my family of 5, ADRs are a little more difficult to come by last minute. To be honest though, I don’t tend to switch mine around too much once I have them booked.


I second the motion for a Disneyland trip. For many reasons.


No rain, either. And they have a Universal. And they’re getting a Star Wars Land.


You’ve already started listing reasons so I’ll add some more for you. Has the original castle with the original spot where Walt stood to design & envision Main Street. Has his apartment above the fire station in Town Square (can go inside with the Walking in Walts Footsteps tour). Has the better version of both Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and it’s a small world with no arguments from anyone and arguably the better Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo, Big Thunder and I prefer Indiana Jones to Dinosaur (Dinosaur was good, but the adventure on Indiana Jones was better on the same ride system).


I forgot the better Fantasmic! (this in the no arguments from anyone column) and we haven’t even touched DCA. Or the ease of hopping (2 min walk from turnstile to turnstile & no security in between as everything- including Downtown Disney is within 1 security perimeter). And of course the best parade to ever go through a Disney park ever- Paint the Night.

I could go on but then I might not stop for days so I gotta stop somewhere. So here it is.


Boo! Trip is over, what am I gonna do with my daaaaaays :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Thanks for the ride, it’s been great fun!


Your reports have been great full of awesome advice for a newbie like me … if I were you I would wait till 2020 after all the hype has died down from the opening of Star Wars Galaxies Edge … then go for that final holiday of a lifetime :wink:


Easy. No matter what happens, likely the end of your mortal time here will be spent either in a hospital or a nursing facility. Either institution drains your bank account completely but still will help you after it’s all gone (at least that’s how it kinda works here in the states). Or, heavens forbid, you go out without a warning. You’re here then you’re not.

So either spend it now on things you enjoy, or just basically watch it vanish all together with you getting nothing out of it.

This year has quickly and decidedly taught me that it’s only money and there is so much more important things to do on this world than sit on a pile of cash.


Thanks for all the detailed reports just like last August. Thanks!

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Such wisdom. So true.


While I enjoy the TP chat, mostly for great touring tips, this thread has made me appreciate the forum. I think I’ll check in more than I did before. Plus, I can’t wait for @profmatt to decide what his next trip will be. I say even if it’s not Disney, he should still post here. Thanks everyone!


Now, I want to plan a trip to Disneyland!


@profmatt . I said my good byes on the day 7 thread. Thanks again for taking us along on your holiday. It really cheered me up and is getting me exited for my trip in the fall.

See you real soon!