Trip report J183



@profmatt I hope you get your credit card sorted out. I always worry about something like that happening on vacation. Hope you have a great day and can’t wait to see the pics from dinner tonight.


Ughhhhh. Happens to me all the time and it is SO frustrating!!

I hope you can get it sorted!!

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We’ve been saved several times by the fraud protection services of our credit card company. But we’ve also experienced a few glitches.

Usually a call is all that is required to get it straightened out in the case of a glitch. When it is annoying is when there is legit fraud and they have to cancel your card immediately during a time period you actually need it!

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I shall be praying that the credit card gods smile upon you today. I need you to be able to use it. I am living so vicariously through your trip, I feel like MY credit card is in jeopardy!


We would have to start a GoFundMe page for @profmatt just to keep “our trip” going. :joy:


Hope it gets sorted!


I hope you get it sorted out. I learned when my debit card was compromised how common it is in Orlando.

Waiting for my ADR at 1900PF.

The GF is amazing. A few of my friends have made “snobby” comments when I’ve said I’m having dinner at V&A: “Where’s that?” “Disney World” “Oh.” The assumption is that it’s Disney so it must be tacky. This hotel is world class.

Called credit card company. Not entirely productIve but they said I can call 24 hours a day to get an authorisation if anything is declined again. And they confirmed I have enough credit.

In 1900PF and this just happened. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Food time.


It’s Mary Poppins!


We’ll be having breakfast there on 7/21! :slight_smile:

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I’m planning breakfast there if I can fit it in - we really want to meet Mary Poppins! And Pooh and Tigger, but I’ll meet them at CP.

I usually call to credit card when I am going on vacation.


This has been a bit of a dilemma for us. Breakfast here or Ohana? We’ve done Ohana several times and love it but we are tempted to try 1900PF for the first time.

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Two words…Strawberry Soup!

Dd chose breakfast at 1900PF for the morning of her 17th birthday. She’s a big Alice and Mary fan, and LOVES the soup!

(I will admit that we have yet to eat at Ohana. My biggest hesitation is that I’m not a Stitch fan.)

Easy fix. Do 'Ohana dinner. No characters, just excellent food.


I know, the issue with dinner is that neither of my kids will eat any of the food there. I have to save it for a solo or adults only trip.

I can’t bear Stitch so there is no dilemma for us! I’m planning 1900PF, CP, GG and either TH or Boma.


Two words: Date Night

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That could happen, if dh was coming with us next month. :grinning:

This is the first trip where the elder is old enough to have them be on their own, but with just me and them no date nights.

Our next trip will probably be in 2020 (20th anniversary). I’m not sure if it will be adult only or the whole family…but Ohana and Hoop de Doo (another menu limiting option) are both on my list!