Trip report J182



I usually drop off these forums after our trips—too depressing when we only go every so often. But I am fully invested in your trip and love the updates (and on ride photos…as long as you take them discreetly, it doesn’t bother anyone IMO). Thanks for the posts and hope you continue to have a great trip.

For the teeth…maybe make sure to floss each night and maybe pick up a fluoride mouthwash to flush out any bacteria that might be irritating your gums? I’m no dentist, though…I just know when we eat more sugar and carbs on vacation, my kids’ gums get inflamed if we don’t have extra vigilant tooth hygiene…?


Just listened to this week’s Backside of Magic podcast and am excited to say I’m mentioned again — so tune in!


I hope you have fun today!


Looks like a fun day!! Will you have some butter beer??

I would say a very enthusiastic “yes” to that, but with my teeth deciding to be uncooperative, it might be a decision I regret.


I have had sensitive teeth my whole life. If it wasn’t for the likes of Sensodyne or Crest Pro-Health toothpastes, I’d be eating nothing but luke-warm food!

If you drink butterbeer with a straw and are careful, you can get the liquid to pool on the tongue and not touch the teeth. I have lots of experience in this with cold things.

I’d suggest getting yourself some Sensitive toothpaste (like Sensodyne, but there are others that are cheaper that have the same active ingredient (potassium nitrate). However, it takes a few weeks of use before it really starts to make any difference, so it probably won’t help your teeth for this trip.


This is the slightly worrying part. I’ve been using that for years. I have a theory it’s the new toothbrush I got about a month ago. I think it might be aggressively abrasive. I’ve stopped using it, so I’m hoping my teeth may forgive me.

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Is it any particular tooth, or just your teeth in general?

Reason I ask is because if you have some sudden on-set of sensitivity, it could be a sign of something as innocuous as a cavity, or more significantly an infection under the tooth.

The latter happened to me a few months back. I was suddenly experiencing abnormal tooth pain/pressure/sensitivity. When I went to the dentist, he said it was caused by infection under the tooth itself. The main treatment is a root canal.

However, before I actually had the root canal, my body did eventually fight off the infection and it subsided and is back to normal. However, that isn’t always the case.

If your pain is less localized, and more generalized, it might be as you suggest…although, I’d be surprised brushing could make it more sensitive since the protection doesn’t really come from keeping a layer on your teeth. Although, if the gum line is exposing more due to the brushing, I can see that being problematic.

Not sure if you have the same at home, but here there is a toothpaste called Sensodyne. It really helps with sensitivity- not sure how long it takes to start working but might be worth a shot.

oops- lots of posts while I was typing this- nevermind!

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I think this might be the issue.

I have a Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean. I’d been using it for four years, but it stopped working and a bought a new one. This came with a new style head. I think that’s the problem. I’m reverting to using the older style.

Because of my obsession with mini travel products, I haven’t brought that toothbrush or my regular sensitive teeth toothpaste with me. I have a very soft travel toothbrush and I’m being as gentle as I can be with it.


The thing where your teeth are sensitive to hot/cold as well as sugar is almost certainly a toothbrush thing. I had the exact same thing last year and was told I was brushing my teeth too hard! I switched to a brush with soft bristles (from medium) and that helped.

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I’m surprised they even sell anything but soft. The recommendation from the ADA is that everyone should ALWAYS use a soft-bristled brush, without exception. (Okay. There is an exception…if you have dentures, you could use a firm toothbrush since you aren’t actually brushing your gum line.)

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My teeth are too sensitive to use such inventions! :confused: My dentist ONCE tried to clean my teeth using this ultrasonic device rather than scraping them with the tools. The entire experience was so painful I had to make them stop. Supposedly, it was supposed to be LESS painful since it used ultrasound.

Okay. This topic needs to change. Toothcare and “the happiest place on earth” are incompatible topics! :slight_smile:


You know, I’d never even paid attention to that before. The brush said “whitening” which is why I bought it (I know, I know)… Definitely sticking to soft bristles now. :+1:

Wow - not only park hopping, but resort hopping. Lyft is going to love you by the end of the trip… :slight_smile:


Oh! It is next up for me to listen to after I finish the ETicket Report!


I wonder if you could do six parks in one day (MK, EP, AK, HS, USF, IOA).

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Start at USF, take the train to IOA. Lyft/Uber to MK, then take the monorail to Epcot. Walk over to Hollywood Studios. Finally, take a bus from HS to AK.

Probably could be done…but not sure you’d have time to actually ride anything! :slight_smile:


One ride in each park — or, to make it extra-difficult — your favourite headliner in each park.