Trip report J180

You know it just dawned on me, occasionally I will have one little blue mark next to my C avatar. I get so excited…someone liked my stuff or commented :grinning: how many do YOU have on a daily basis? I think I “liked”at least 5 of your comments on this one post alone!


Orange juice and apple juice? Or orange juice and beer? So curious! :slight_smile: Have a great time!

I always do a double-take when I see baked beans on a breakfast plate; they are so not a breakfast food in the US…


They’re really for any time of day here in the UK, right from breakfast to getting in from the pub at midnight.

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Yay!! So excited for you!! And a bit jealous 51 days for me!

Hooray! Happy travels!

Really?! When are you coming to visit?

Which area of the city are they at? I’m right off the Brown Ave exit from 293

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Um, yes they are.

Darn those scented poo bags. :joy: Safe travels @profmatt!! Looking forward to following along!!


Greetings from 37,000ft

I remember thinking on the flight home last year (I was in plain old Premium Economy back then) that I wasn’t sure I wanted to put myself through that again. Flying is a miserable business. Even up here at the front. And it’s a long flight: 9 hrs.

The take-off was delayed due to congestion at the airport, but only by about 20 minutes. The original plan was to depart early, so we basically ended up even on the deal.

The meal was good. I had mozzarella and tomato salad with balsamic vinegar, some kind of chicken in sauce, and some kind of cheesecake thing. All washed down with a glass of chardonnay.

But then they brought the cheese and port and it was almost too much!

By now I felt pretty tired, so they converted my seat into a bed and I naively hoped for four hours sleep. I got 45 minutes, but it was actually very restful and I woke up feeling fine.

I’ve just been watching Avatar on my iPad, which has actually been quite helpful in reminding me of all of the details: I think it will help me enjoy Pandora even more. I was watching the scene where the guy learns how to fly a banshee and I was (quietly) yelling (in my head) “I’m going to be doing that tomorrow!’

Two and a half hours left to go. Ugh. It’s long. I just walked the entire length of the plane to get some exercise.

It was only £5 for an hour of WIFI, so I thought I’d check in with you all. Thanks for all the messages :smiley:


Way cool! I’m glad you got some rest.

I’m so excited for you!

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Oh yeah — a couple of you asked some questions:

  1. Baked beans are an integral part of a full English breakfast. But they tend to make me, er, a bit gassy. (In fact, there’s a delightful rhyme about them: Beans, beans: good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you fart. The more you fart, the better you feel. So eat baked beans with every meal.) Did you notice the smoked salmon on the plate, too.

  2. I opted for a glass of orange juice and a glass of apple juice. I don’t drink beer. Eww.


Ooh! They’re serving snacks now! The Upper Class mini cheeseburger is legendary!

See you later!


Enjoy the snacks!!! And the rest of your flight.

Channeling Neil Patrick Harris now??

You forgot to wait for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m our family that song goes: beans, beans, the magical fruit; the more you eat, the more you toot; the more you toot, the more you feel; let’s have beans for every meal!


The part that I can’t wrap my head around is how they charge you £5 for Wifi…in UPPER CLASS!! That is absolutely absurd how it’s not included in your airfare.



Yeah. I mean, why can’t they be more like Disney!



Beans for breakfast? They look like Van Camp’s pork and beans. :wink: Hope your journey is smooth today!

Sounds like a great flight!! Although I agree that your wifi should be included!!