Trip report J180

I hope you enjoy your breakfast.

I hope your travels are smooth, uneventful & inclusive of a nap in that bed.

I don’t have to hope the rest of it will be amazing, because I know from your plans that it will be, but I do hope you come back to let us know how it all goes.


This is what £12.50 gets you in Manchester :slight_smile:


Yes, that looks like a decidedly British breakfast. Was it good?

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I feel like this is my fault. In my dream you were sleeping on my settee before your flight today and I woke you when I got up to get ready for work. Sorry about that :joy:

I’m sure you’ll be fine, our first day is usually about 23 hours long and we still make RD the next morning.


Manchester?! I live in Manchester! Hang on - I’ll be right over!!

Oh. Not that Manchester?

I’m not home anyway


I’m now in the business class lounge, which is lovely in all kinds of ways. It’s completely empty — I’m literally the only person in here right now. It’s air-conditioned. And there’s all kinds of food and booze. I think I may need a drink.

You’ll remember my stress about not being able to check-in online. Well, check-in was relatively painless — all she did was ask me where I was staying (and all I said was “a friend’s house”) — but my boarding card has the dreaded SSSS mark on it, which means I’m probably getting all my bags searched at the gate.

Security was somewhat stressful. I had a priority pass so no waiting to get in. But they make you put everything into a box to be x-rayed and they all have to go in separate boxes. One of my boxes was flagged for special scrutiny, which entailed quite a long wait. Turns out I’d left a roll of poo bags in my hoodie (they made me take that off to be x-rayed). The poo bags are scented and I guess that caused all kinds of red flags.

Anyhoo, the flight doesn’t leave for another two hours. I might have a snooze. Stressed about getting my bags checked again before I board.

Here’s a picture of the lounge.

And my little nook:


What exactly does that mean? Hope they don’t check your bags again. Why would they need to do that once you are through security the first time? Just wondering.

Your nook looks quite cozy. If you sleep, don’t forget to wake up in time to board!

Brandy and lemonade at eight in the morning? Don’t mind if I do!


The proper and best Manchester.


That really sucks. Sorry that it’s on your boarding pass!

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Nice! Looking forward to your report! Have the best time!

I hate flying! One time they pulled me over and tested my breast milk that i had pumped for my son. That was nerve wrecking and embarrassing. I was so afraid they were going to make me throw it out and then ds would have nothing to drink (eat). I’ve also been pulled aside for sunblock. I forgot about the 4 oz restrictions.

Anyway have an amazing day. Hope you get some rest on the way over.


I can’t believe our, I mean, your, trip is finally happening! I’m so excited to follow along with you.

Happy travels!


@profmatt - Are you still going to Artist Pointe, or did you change it? If you are still going, could you ask them why there are no available ADRs in November & December?

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Sadly that ADR was removed in Schedule Revision 14.72.



You could still go over there and ask, you know. :laughing::joy_cat::laughing::joy_cat::laughing::joy_cat:

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I am planning on visiting WL on Wednesday. If I remember, I’ll ask :slight_smile:



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