Trip report- I’m on my way!

Finally after 3 years, a closed Disney, covid, multiple family and friend trips, and a few DVC purchases, I’m finally getting my SOLO trip!!

First snag this morning was trying to navigate buying genie + (AP here so couldn’t buy early)
The button would not work from the “Home Screen” so I had to plan my day and then I got the option to buy it. Very annoying at 3:30 am when you can barely see because you just woke up! Disney IT really needs to do better. Special thanks to @CitrusSwirlGirl for doing my 7 am genie selection.

I’m at the airport now and after multiple anxiety attacks about jet blue canceling my flight, I do indeed have a plane that is boarding as we speak. I’ll be arriving at Orlando around 9 am and Ubering to ASMu. Then headed to MK for the day with a possible Epcot hop this afternoon. Riding GOTG Tomorrow!!
Speaking of Uber- where in MCO do I actually catch one? First time Uber from MCO, I usually take mears or DME in the past.

Have a great morning guys, I’ll check in later!


Yay, have a fantastic time!

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Safe travels!
Hope your trip is awesome!

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My first G+ is jungle cruise booked for 1:05. I haven’t been on it since the new overlay.

I realized halfway through the flight I didn’t bring headphones for my iPhone (I thought I packed them but apparently not), so I’ll have to make a quick stop in the airport shops before hitting Rideshare.

At least I had ones to plug into the Jack for in flight movies- Ghostbusters Afterlife was excellent!


Per the MCO app:


The changes are quite subtle overall.

Just going through memories and this one popped up from 3 years ago :heart: :dog:



I might already miss her :roll_eyes:
And when I was giving her a hug goodbye she said she was going to miss me but also a little upset she wasn’t coming :grimacing:


You got this! Look forward to more updates! Have a magical time!

Just got to ASMu and room isn’t ready. Lovely cast member said there was 1000 checkin/checkouts today here. I’m in a very long line to drop my luggage off!!


This is half of it they finally split it in two


Saved by Donald! I’m on my way!


Best thing ever


Took a quick pic over by entrance to Adventureland then grabbed my second lightening lane . Splash mountain at 12:55.

BTMR was posted 45 and it was about that. Line moved at an good pace until 100 + LL people were added right before us. So I think my actual wait I posted on lines was 43 minutes.

Where am I now ?


The Little Mermaid?


Correct. Or at least I was. It posted 20 minute wait but the line barely moved in 20 minutes so I ditched. When I left I heard a cast member say the sign was wrong that I was 60 minutes. Glad I left!!
Just about to ride the best ride ever, the PeopleMover (which in fact, is moving a lot of people because it’s only 5 minute wait)


I like to call it the FootRester

Finished up and finally using my LL for Splash. On the way got my 1pm for Space at 3:35


LL question. I booked my 1 pm LL and then afterwards tapped into my 12:55 splash. App is saying I’m not eligible to book another until 3? Thought I could book another after tapping in? Or does the 1 pm one negate it? Pic of splash mountain for attention.


Next eligibility is based on last one booked.

So if the last one booked was 1pm, your next available to book is in fact 3pm regardless of that you had a tap-in in between.

(at least i think so LOL)