Trip report from Six Flags over Texas and masks in heat and humidity

We went to Six Flags over Texas yesterday, July 3rd. I don’t think that the crowd was maxed out since I was able to get reservations for the first time slot the day before. High was 99F and it was humid, unusually humid.

Everything was walk-on, and we stuck to the thrill rides. Our first ride, about an hour after opening was this one.

I don’t know if this is still true, but it was the tallest coaster in Texas, and it isn’t that old. A hypercoaster, and we rode it with one other couple. Ponder that for a moment.

A few times we had to wait until they cleaned the seats. But since the only other lines were after you split into little lines no one no one minded. One time early on, DH commented that his backside was wet. We didn’t want to think about what that might be from, then we saw them clean and figured that had been it.

Of interest to many will be the mask situation. They were quite hot for most people. The double-layered cotton seemed to be the worst. I’d made some very breathable masks. We’ve had the disease in January so can neither give nor receive it. I call them Theater Masks. One problem that I didn’t see coming was having to breathe in my sunscreen. The fabric bothered me a little because it was pretty stiff. But, then wearing foundation bothers me.

I switched to my backup plan. I’d cut a square of SPF50 swimsuit fabric that I already had. I was wearing what is called an “Aussie hat” Basically a unisex sun hat.
I attached a corner of the fabric onto each side of the hat turning it into sort of a veil. That was much more comfortable. DH called it a Howdy Hijab.

I’d been disappointed that Justice League was closed. But that is an indoor shooting game, so I should have figured. The steam train was closed too. That was surprising until we remembered the average age of the operators.

Entry was different, of course. You went through this tunnel that was AC’ed and you were supposed to take your hat and sunglasses off, but mask on. (eta: that was where they checked temps. They had a person standing there, but the sensor was pointing down from the ceiling.) I don’t think they did a bag check, maybe just because it was a new procedure for them.

I couldn’t get Mobile ordering to work. They’d had that as “Coming Soon” for over a year and for obvious reasons they got their butts in gear. But, still problems. But then the lines were half of normal, so not a big deal.


Thanks for this. I’d love to go back to the Six F in DC area which we have passes to but have been reluctant.

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Thanks for the info. Our local Six Flags is still closed.

Nice. Glad you got out and had some fun. How long did you last in that heat?

We got there about 11:30am and left about 5:00 pm. We would have stayed longer but I’m on the mend from a sinus infection and the rides started to make me nauseous.

One thing nice was strolling instead of fast-walking. Normally, at any park for the 3/4 of the day you know that the lines will get longer as the day goes on, so we always fast-walk. But we knew that the lines wouldn’t get long so we could stroll.

One thing on the heat, on about half the rides, they were surprisingly cooling. Not just on the ride but in the line. Some of the rides generated a breeze. Also being spaced out made it seem not so miserably hot.

I really look forward to the fall when we can do another adult Six Flags day, when it isn’t so hot.

One side benefit of attaching the face covering to the hat was that when we left I could just turn the hat around and presto nothing on my face.

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