Trip Report from Feb 26-28

I was a first time WDW traveler and touringplans rookie! I’d like to thank you a ton for all your help. We were there Feb 26th-28th. We have DH, me, DS (6) and DD (4.5). We were on the dining plan. Our first day at AK we arrived by 8am for a 9am open, had no troubles with getting in quickly. We had to activate our Magic bands at Guest Relations and that worked slick and then get a double stroller and we were still 2nd row at the rope. We then got released to the Tree of Life and we maintained our spot 2nd row from rope. We were about the 4th vehicle to go out for the day at Safari and the animals were so active. We even got to see the hyenas play fighting! We then grabbed a quick breakfast with snack credits and Kusafiri and then got into the 10am FotLK show (which was fantastic). We walked to Asia for KRR next. We changed in the near by bathrooms into our swimsuits which I was glad we did as my daughter and I got soaked! We changed back and walked the Maharajah Jungle trek. Then we walked back to Africa and had an ADR at Tusker at 11:45. Kids just loved the meets with characters and the themeing was awesome there! It lasted about an hour so we had time to do the Gorilla falls trail before heading to the 1:30 Flights of Wonder. Next was Its tough to be a Bug and my 4.5yo loved it and my 6yo was hiding under the seats! Great 3D show tho! We then let the kids play in the Boneyard and they could have olayed for hours there (pretty neat place). Next my DH & DD had FP for Adventure Outpost and DS & I had FP for Dinosaur and he loved that one which was weird he liked that and not Bugs!? Then met up and did Triceratop Spin. Then headed to EE with a 4:25 FP but my DD was 1/2 in too short so her and DH sat out and we got a Rider switch. I loved it but he wouldnt use the RS and do it a 2nd time so we gave it to someone else! We did the 5pm Finding Nemo show were my DD took a 25min nap! What another amazing show! We ate diner at Flame tree BBQ overlooking EE on back patio! Great view! We had a 525 FP for the sunset safari. There were animals blocking the road so a ton of vehicles got backed up so by the time we went it was darker than sunset. Kids still loved it but I liked the morning one better! We then hustled back to the 7:15 River of Light show. Had the dining package for it. We were right on time so standing room only which was just fine! I had one last FP+ for primevil whirl for DS and I before we saw the end of a Tree of Life Awakings! Everything worked spot on from touringplans. Does that happen often at disney!? It was a ton of walking but both DH & I are in shape and the double stroller made it possible! Kids loved it!

Feb 27th at HS-9am open
Got there about 8am and got through security easy. Waited a little bit back all the way to furthest left line. About 830 they opened the ADR line furthest left so we snuck up to almost the front to that one. Worked wonderful. Made it through and me and kids raced to Jedi sign up and got the 11:40am show. DH went to get us breakfast at Trolley Cafe with snack credits! Kids and I went on Star tours as a walk on and then to meet Olaf. Should have done Olaf first and Star tours 2nd as the Olaf line ended up being 30min and was 5min when we walked by it 1st. Then Great Movie Ride and had a 30 min wait so didnt follow recommended touringplans of oing movie ride 1st or it would have been a short wait…then had FP for toy story and got back to Jedi training, lunch at Backlot express. 1pm Beauty n Beast show, FP for Tower of terror. Then watch the march of stormtroopers, 230 Frozen sing along and was supposed to go from that to 315 Indian jones but didnt realizen exit to frozen was right by I diana so we went to feint of frozen to get stroller and Indiana was full so had I realized exit was right there we would have gotten in. So did some shopoing and walking around till 450 ADR at Hollywood and Vine. Then went to Fantasmic and was an hour early. Could have done the 6pm Indiana and still got a seat at Fantasmic but didnt want to chance it as Fantasmic was a must for us. We had a star tours FP for after fantasmic so DH & DS coukd do one more time!

Feb 28th-MK RD 9am but Early Morning Magic at 745. We had EMM tix so arrived at TTC at 7am and took ferry(only option) to MK and got through a couple min before 745. Got our stroller amd headed down mainstreet. Got a couple pix in front of castle and made our way to 7dwarfs 3x (kids fave), pooh 2x, PP 2x and catosel 1x. then ate breakfast at Pinnoccio village haus at 840. Done by 855 and DD and I got in line for cinderella n elena meet (3rd in line). DH & DS went to speedway. Met at Buzz after those and waited 5 min, then dumbo where we had our longest wait of the day at 25min, barnstormer, little mermaid. DH & DD did FP at enchanted tales, Its a small world and carosel while DS & I did FP at space and haunted mansion. Met up and did FP for splash and lunch at pecos bill at 1pm. Then used FP for Big thunder. Got a 4th FP for pirates at 210 so watched Country bears after big thunder till FP. Did FP and picked up a 510 FP for jungle cruise while in line for pirates. Then watched the 230 pirate tutorial while i got dole whips at aloha isle for the 3pm parade. DH & kids met me and we got front row seats for parade at 255 across from Country bears. Then went to swiss family treehouse and checked in for 350 ADR at crystal palace. Kids absolutley loved pooh n friends! Took an hour and that was on the long end cuz wr just wanted to sit longer. They all got to table in 40min prob. Then had tome to do Mickeys 3D before jungle cruise. Then got FP+ for aladins carpet right after JC. Kids had fun playing in spitting camels water. Got FP for buzz . As we made our way to bizz the move it shake it parade was going on so we stopped and danced to that! Watched monsters inc laugh floor and then used buzz FP. Pucked up a 710 tinkerbelle meet FP. Did peoplemover next and made way to main street. Shopped a little and did tink meet and was done in time to use some snack credits at Confectionary and get a center spot in front of train station for 8pm wishes. Holy got a ton done and FP+ worked great for us! Physically I was fine just had sore feet. Brought me back to my waitressing days! Wouldnt trade it for a more relaxed day as we got to do a lot and who knows of we will be back. Hope this helps someone!


Enjoyed your report, you did great for a first trip! I can tell you planned well!

Thanks for the report! I really liked your report on early morning magic.

Enjoyed your report- fantastic planning on your trip!

Did you think the cost of EMM was worth it for your family? (thinking of doing this on our next trip)

I thought it was totally worth it! But only because of my kids ages. Much older and prob not! They loved the 3 rides but again its cuz of their ages! Then we ate at a good time (840-very fast eaters) and was able to then have 1st pick at any ride in the park for a 9am open. So had 3 rides that have some of the lonhest waits out of the way a rode multiple times and then got to do the rest! Prob the only reason we were able to do almost every ride and still some shows in one day. If you have multuple days at MK mayne not worth it as could get that all done in 2 or 3 days!


Wow you got so much done!