Trip Report - Epcot Food and Wine Festival with small children

I don’t know if it was in the Unofficial books or I read it somewhere else, but the Food and Wine event at Epcot was INSANE - and not it a good way. Unfortunately, my adult kids decided (against my wishes) to bring 2 double strollers into the World Showcase, during the Food and Wine Festival, on a Saturday night. Crazy! It was one of my absolute worst experiences during our trip. THIS EVENT IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!!! I enjoy drinking in moderation, but I cannot stand drunks. NOT FUN - NOT FUN - NOT FUN! One of the things that made it especially difficult were the groups that would form in the narrow walkways and bridges, making it nearly impossible to get anywhere. I overheard one guy talking on his cellphone while looking at us, stating, “I don’t know why anyone would bring children here.” I couldn’t agree more. It was foolish and I would never do it again! THIS IS NOT AN EVENT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN!!!

Maybe I should put it this way, “Would you bring your young children in strollers, into a crowded bar on a Saturday night?” Of course not, and neither should you bring them to this!


Sorry you had a bad experience, I imagine it must have been quite stressful, especially since you tried to advise them against it to start with.

Agree that F&WF on a Saturday night is not a good place to take kids. However, during the day it’s great - our DD (aged 3.5) loves it, and we’ve never had a problem with inebriated guests. We’re going again in just over a week and will be at F&WF on five separate days.

We took two children during the day and it was great. Two caveats though - no strollers and kids were 9 and 5. They really liked trying little dishes and looking at the items in the country gift shops.

That being said I can imagine the frustration with large crowds, people who may or may not be intoxicated and strollers. That’s not fun for anyone. Especially on vacation.

I have no young kids and it was only I and my Wife during the F&WF. Night was the worst but believe me there were plenty of drunks stumbling around the park during the day. Now as I don’t need a stroller or a electric cart to get around (yet), we had a heck of a time getting around those who were drinking it up and believe me they pay a price to attend this all you can drink session and they make the most of it. It must have been miserable with a stroller but I hate to tell you how many strollers darted in front of us and ran into my legs. People were absolutely Rude! I am sure it was Good Times for some but for non-drinking seniors it was the worst. We won’t attend the park again while the F&WF is on. DocHopper

After reading your post, I realized my first day at WDW is at Epcot, on a Saturday evening during the last weekend of F&W, with a double stroller for my 4 and 1 year old :disappointed_relieved: . We have to go though, because of our FPP reservations (needed to do two epcot days, and this was only way). Do you think if I don’t wander into the world showcase much, we will be fine?

Yes, absolutely! The drinking is all in World Show Case. If you have a dinning reservation in the World Showcase go to it then go back and Enjoy Future World. May I suggest, The Living Sea with Nemo and friends. With your kids being that young this is a safe bet for them. DocHopper

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Yes, I should have mentioned that it was the night event, not during the day. We had gone to Norway (for the Frozen ride) and to Mexico during the day. Crowds were manageable and we had no problems at all. Even further, the night time event might also be ok during the week, but my horrible experience was on a weekend. My wife and I both guess that this is a weekend pub-crawl for locals. Don’t know for sure, but it’s a guess.

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Yes, if you stay out of the World Showcase, you’ll be just fine. In fact, ride lines might be shorter. One of the surprising rides that one of the 4 year old’s really enjoyed was “Living with the Land”. I wish we would have just stayed in Future World the entire time while the parents fought the crowds in World Showcase.

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Yep, it’s very much a pub crawl for locals at the weekends. So sorry you found out the hard way. :disappointed:

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