Trip Report Day 3

Our MK day started at rope drop. We were at the bus stop at CSR at 630. A bus arrived moments later and we were off. We were right at the front of the line to get in. So amazing to walk down Main Street almost empty.

By 11am we rode Pirates, splash, BTMR, HM, Barnstormer, PP, under the sea, and were in line for SM. We also had a lovely breakfast at Sleepy Hollow. SM went down for about 10 minutes right before we got on, but was back up and running in time for us to ride and get to our house 1205 reservation at Skippers.

A silly aside, my mom and aunt were at the parks today and we got to see them for a minute before lunch. It was so nice to give her a hug now that we are all vaccinated!

Lunch was good. Noodles for DH and chicken for me. The sangria was really yummy too!

Rode Aladdin then hoped over to JC since we were there. Sign said 35 minutes. This was our first glitch of the day. About 6 VIP groups and several needing assistance to get in the boat all arrived just as we did. That line filled many many boats and the regular line did not move for about 15 minutes. Not earth shattering and truly appeared to just be a bad timing thing. Longest wait of the day but we got it in!

After getting up so early we were pretty tired. Went to ride Buzz then decided to head back for a nap and the pool. Only things we did not ride that we wanted were SDMT and People Mover. Plan to swing back by on park hop one day this week to catch those. The bus arrived for CSR in just minutes. I know they are short on drivers but so far bus service has been seamless for us (knock on wood).

The castle looks beautiful for the 50th!!

After some R&R we took an Uber to swan and took a leisurely stroll to Epcot. Went to Rose and Crown and got scotch eggs (yum!!!) and fish and chips and then sat and had some adult beverages by the lake. Closed down park then walked back to swan for an Uber back.

Another magical day. It is unbelievable how much you can get done right now with the line levels.


Sounds great! And how fab to be able to hug your mum!


Which of the stops at CSR? I’ve heard differing things about the order the busses are picking up in for the parks.

Sounds like you’re having a great time!!

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We are at stop 4 which is the third stop for the parks!

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