Trip report day 2 - AK

Had another great day. We decided not to rope drop after such an early start yesterday and headed to AK at about 930. Got to CSR bus stop just as AK bus arrived - a nice way to start the day. There was no line at all to get in to the park and we headed to Pandora. It was a magical as I remembered. They had just painted much of the area so there were barriers up in a lot of the area but they should be down by the time we do day two in AK. Rode NR and FOP. Lines were about 35 for NR and it took only about 20 with us really never stopping moving in line. FOP was posted about 80 but took about 70. Definitely a longer line but worth it!

We went to Nomad Lounge for lunch and drinks. I highly recommend this. Beautiful, tasty and relaxing!

Headed over to walk through Asia and Africa. Walked on EE despite posted 25 min and waited only about 15 for Dinosaur. Has a very short wait for bus back to CSR.

Great first day at AK. Reasonable lines and great weather. Had dinner at 3 Bridges at CSR and called it a night to hit rope drop for MK tomorrow.


Good work, and shhhhhhhhhhhhh! :wink:
What did you enjoy there?

Isn’t that a fantastic space? I didn’t get to dine there but went to a beverage event and loved every second. Felt a lot like Nomad in some ways!

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Ready to :writing_hand:

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Yes!!! Nomad is my new oasis in the parks. Loved the charcuterie plate and lobster and corn soup. Also an amazing bourbon drink (ok, two of them… :slight_smile: ). We had a great time!


Yea - 3 bridges was so relaxing surrounded by water. And meal
Was so large I could not eat all of it!


Does Nomad requires ADR or joining walk up list?

Walk up list


Note though that the walk up list will often say full when it is not. Always go to the hostess stand to ask if the app says full. I did this on my first visit of my last trip and the wait was only about 90 minutes which was perfect as I was having lunch at Satul’i. If I had believed the app I’d have missed the chance to go that day, and to visit with @dboothsummers too.

Also, at opening there is no list. I got in line (okay created the line) about 40 mins prior to opening on my second visit and got my pick of tables when they opened. The second people to get in line joined about 10 mins after me.


It is walk up list only.

Sort of. Keep reading.

Definitely no ADR though.

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