Trip report day 1

We are finally here and had a magical first day! We had to get up at 2am to catch our flight and today reminded us we are no longer in our teens :slight_smile:

We are doing an adult trip Me (49), DH (33-birthday trip), and neighbors (both 30). I am happy to report my older self kept up with my younger companions.

Our flight left at 6am and we were in Orlando by 1130. We planned to take ME, but the line was down past the end of the rental car counters. We were able to get a Lyft for $40 so we were lazy and did that.

Checked in early - yay!! And headed to HS. We arrived at our connecting airport early and lucked in to RoTR BG 22 from the plane!! As per a kind person here’s suggestion we went to a CM on arrival and since we missed our BG because of travel he converted it to a day long pass and we headed straight for GE. Grabbed an adult beverage on the way and our trip was off!

No wait at RoTR. Line moved seamlessly. Not much chance to peruse the stuff in the waiting area. The ride lived up to the hype!! Amazing.

Grabbed food at docking bay 7 (yayRondo wraps) and headed to toy story area. Decided our tired selves and feet would save SD for second HS day (80 min posted) and headed to TSM. Said 35 minutes but was less and though it took about 20 we just kept moving in line the whole time. Though I totally lost in score I won in fun!!

Our tired selves after being up since 2am decided to hit MF - wow!!!- and then head back to CSR. No issues with buses and a great first day!

Grabbed a quick nap then went to Dahlias for dinner and drinks. It was a beautiful view! Then hit the hot tub for our aching bodies after a year of not moving in quarantine then hit bed by 11 for a full nights rest.

Can’t wait for AK tomorrow!!


Looking forward to hearing about day 2!

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sounds like a great day so far!

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