Trip report D186



Wholly unexpectedly it turns out that other people have decided to visit Epcot today, too. Actually, quite a lot of people. Longest lines at tapstiles I’ve ever seen.

On the plus side, someone appreciates me. This was up just as I arrived:

Oh. It wasn’t for me.


Anyhoo, Soarin’ is clearly out. But I have FPPs for LWTL and Nemo, so I’ll revert to my original plan.


There’s a lot of god related sky writing there I’ve noticed! On our last trip we saw some that said “U + God = :blush:

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Have a great time today!! Thanks for taking us along…

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Yeah, my guy’s not done yet. He’s adding “Thank U Jesus”.

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Epic line at Starbucks. But I need my Frappuccino today. And I got snack credits to spend.

I’m guessing today is a CL10? It’s making me rethink my plans for tomorrow. Currently: 10am breakfast at GF Café, followed by Christmas parade at MK at noon. Then I have FPP for Jingle Cruise and BTMRR. I could switch parks, I guess, but would I get any FPPs? Hmm.


Line at Starbucks is moving quickly. Not that I’m in a rush. My FPP window for LWTL only just opened.

Does the Starbucks Mobile App not work for pre-ordering in the parks? I can’t remember…

Not that that would work with the Dining Plan…


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Don’t know. I don’t see a mobile pick-up line.

There’s no place like home. How is Calvin feeling?


I don’t know and I deliberately haven’t asked. (And told Sarah not to say.) There’s nothing I can do from here and I don’t want to worry. I’m sure he’s fine :slight_smile:


At LWTL now. SB is 35 mins.

Wish I was there today. I’d love to hear the Voices of Liberty sing Christmas carols live :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Voices of Liberty are the best! If @profmatt can make it work in his schedule, he may get to hear the “echo Voices” of two VOL choirs in one performance. Stay tuned!

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Glad you’re having a good holiday, I’ve enjoyed catching up on what you’ve been up to, enjoy your last day, and it’s only 6 months until you’ll be back again.

115 min wait at Soarin’. I’ll pass.


Good move

Headed towards the Seas pavilion. Never been before. FPP for Nemo and ADR at Coral Reef.

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