Trip report. BG1 worked great

Just finished a 10 day trip from Dawson Creek, BC (That’s in Canada. It’s a whole other country :airplane:) 7 of us. My wife and I, my son and his wife and 3 grandkids. May 13 to 24, 2023 at the POP Century.
I mainly just wanted to talk about how well the BG1 worked. We spent 2 days in each park and bought G+ for MK and HS
First of all I have to mention that we are firm believers of being true Rope droppers. We always caught the first bus and the first Skyliner of the day. Doing this always makes the rest of the day go so much smoother. And because we had our grandkids with us we always went back to POP every afternoon.
First day was EP. Used BG1 VQ for GotG. Taped in at EXACTLY 7:00:00 and got BG#1. No worries after that. RD Remy at 8:30, then walked over to FEA and got out of there just after 9:00. Went to TT with a 15 minute wait and then GotG with a 10 minutes wait by time we got into the preshow. With the top 4 out of the way we just used the wait times to casually finish or our morning and evening.
The next day was a bit of a learning day at MK. I was poised for VQ for TRON and my son was supposed to be ready for LL was not. Therefore I had to do both. Booked VQ for TRON at 7:00:00 and got BG#?? It was at 9:15 anyway. Then a few seconds later booked JC and never got in until 10:30. My son could see the discussed on my face after the fact that I told him several times to get everything set up before leaving home. So we RD 7DMT, Winnie the Pooh, Speedway, TRON (walked right on ), Buzz, PoC before our window opened up at JC. After that we tried DB. It worked fine but found out later that we really didn’t have a need for it. After that we just continued to use BG1 and booked LL that were with short waits and catching the lesser attractions in between.
A few days later we went to MK again. This time I did the LL and my son did TRON. I got a 9:00 for JC and my son missed the 7:00:00 for TRON. He thinks he booked at 7:00:02 which got him a 3:45 BG. That resulted in a 40 minute wait in line. Anyways we RD 7DMT again went to JC and walked right on at 9:00 After that we used BG1 to book the top 5 LL all before 11am. With those out of the way the rest of the LL were book them and walk right on within 10 minutes. We ran out of LL to go on.
HS day went similar. Used BG1 at 7:00:00 and got a 8:30 SD. RD RotR walked onto MF then TSM then SD. Again we ran out of LL all before our 1pm lunch at 50sPT.
During this trip I tried to modify a few times, I couldn’t save more than 10 or 15 minutes. I think it was because we had a group of 7. I am sure a group of 2 would be better.
The rest of the trip was pretty standard.
Thank you BG1. I stressed over this trip more than the other trips. I didn’t need to with BG1

WDW is very expensive and it is understandable to be stressed. But in short, follow these simple steps and don’t stress the rest.

  1. Get BG1 on your phone before going on holidays
  2. Buy G+ if you want before 7am. Works good for MK and HS. If not use Touring Plans
  3. Book your VQ and your first LL at EXACTLY 7:00:00 using BG1. One extra second will change your
    whole day.(This will take two phones if you bought G+)
  4. Catch the first bus (or Skyliner) of the day. Waiting a few extra minutes before EE will make all the
    difference to how the rest of the day goes.
  5. Rope Drop 7DMT, RotR, FoP, Remy. Then head to the second best ride before official park opening.
  6. If using G+ then book your LL as soon as you have used the current booking.
  7. Enjoy the rest of your day using Touring Plans wait times and/or BG1 wait times.

Thanks again BG1


Thanks @joelbruick for creating BG1. He’s the real MVP. (Tip the man if you can!)

Sounds like a great trip. :smiling_face:

Your ordeal with your son is why I didn’t have anyone helping me lol