Trip Report--Ask Anything--Here are topics

Let me know if you have any questions. We did a split stay, Artist Pointe, Rider Swap, EVC Rentals, Disability Access, Double Strollers (where they can fit), Pack N Play Placement in Rooms, Fantasia Dessert Party, FS Drop, Baby Centers, Pirates League, Rope Drop SDMT info, BOG Breakfast before parking opening we scored day before!

We have loved Artist’s Point for years but I don’t know now since it is a character set meal. We love Snow White/Dwarves but don’t want to go just for the characters. How was the food? Thanks!

I would like to know about DAS. How were you able to get it?

The food was good. Creative, cute, well-themed even for kids. We got the adults chicken and prime rib. It is priced per person with apps and desserts included.

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Disability Access–we have gotten twice for two different people. You go to Guest Services at any park and request it. Everyone in your party who wants to ride with you must be present to scan their magic bands. GS cannot look at doctors’ notes or medical records. They just need to take your word. Both times the person in our party also needed an evc for mobility assistance as well.

I’m getting close to admitting I might need an ecv for park touring. I have never used one so I am really nervous about it. My disability is invisible to others and I have read how rude people can be. I don’t think I would need it full time and was wondering if there are places I can park it and walk as much as I am able, but then come back for it later or send someone in my party to get it?

I do not know the technical answer to your question and expect others do and will jump in. But on the issue of negative judgement, I do believe most Disney people are kind and inclusive, and for those who are not, who cares what they think, because that is their problem, not yours. You have the right to have access to whatever arrangements Disney provides so you can be a valued and respected member of the community. I wish the world was more like Disney.


Exactly what Dumborunner said! Let me know what answers you get on the ECV. My Dad is going with us and will need one if he is going to see much of the parks. I hope I can talk him into it.
Edit: I am also curious if we can rent them at the park on days he needs it. Like you can a stroller.

Where did you stay and what did you do in terms of touring on your move day?

We currently have 8 days booked at WL but my sister (a FL resident) has booked a 2bedroom at AKL for the first 4 nights of our trip - she did this well after we booked. Am contemplating shortening our res so we can stay with her for 4days then move when she leaves, but with a 4yo & 2yo, am I going to regret that decision? Esp since we didn’t plan on renting a car.


Thanks for that @DumboRunner. I know in my head I should feel that way and it is only because we are getting close to our trip that I am starting to have a little anxiety about it. It will be the first time I have admitted that I am really not well enough to do the all day thing. I will try to keep in my heart that most people are like you and ignore the rest!

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Yes you can park it and walk around and then pick it back up when you need it, just like a stroller.

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Yes you can get them day of but they might sell out and they are about twice the cost. I rent from they have longer range scooters.


@robin.brown, I do know that you can rent at each individual park at the same area you would get strollers. It is $50/day plus a refundable $20 deposit. They are first come first serve but I have heard they only run out on really busy days. Or you can rent from outside vendors for your length of stay and they will deliver/pickup from your hotel. The price is certainly a deterrent for me, especially if I hope to keep it parked as much as possible. I don’t want to do the length of stay myself because I don’t want to deal with it on bus/monorail or at the resort. Good luck and I hope you have a great trip!

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If you think you need it you should get it! That or a wheelchair would have allowed my Dad more touring and less pain. When I see someone using one I just marvel that they can drive it safely!!! Not sure I would do so well! Have a wonderful trip whatever you decide!


You do have to watch ECVs running out at the parks if you do not arrive at opening. There is a waiting list which usually comes through, but it takes time. Also, if you need them for the buses, around your hotel etc, you need to rent outside Disney for your whole stay. You have a key, but only the person renting it is supposed to drive it (I think). Outside companies will deliver. As to split stay, we planned to have a shorter day at Epcot that day, but you don’t have to do that. Bell Services picked up our luggage at the first room, and we went to the park. When you get to your second hotel, you call Bell Services to bring everything to your room. It will not already be in your room like Magical Express. Some people go to the second hotel at 3 to check in, but we did online check-in with our room request. We got exactly what we wanted. I had also made the requests via phone before the trip. It worked out great actually. We would do it again, and we have three kids, one under 1. People say it is a hassle to pack and unpack, but if you have your clothes kinda mapped out anyway, it was not that bad. We are also not full unpackers and used to inconvenience or plans changing at the last minute/delays with littles so it really took no extra time out than anything else that might have come up unexpectedly. Just depends on your family–what works for you. The hardest part was booking it with Disney actually. Your reservations are saved individually, and you have to remind them of that when you call in. Your tickets are booked with the first reservation so I would strongly encourage doing the split stay arrangements on the phone with Guest Services (supervisor level). We decided to do it after we already booked fps with one hotel so I did not want anything accidentally canceled. Overall, it took 2-4 hours to square away completely, but we had lots of changes. The fps stayed intacted because GS relinked the tickets for us. I would ask for that if necessary. Split stays also enable you to book the dining plan for just one reservation. That was really nice.

If you have a mobility issue, you may be debating it pre-trip, but will probably not debate it onsite. It is a lot of not only walking but standing.

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I only rented an ECV onsite once because my father was too tired but too embarrassed to be pushed around in a wheelchair so he chose ECV. The only advantage I would mention to renting onsite versus renting from an outside vendor is that if you run out of battery, they will replace your ECV or charge it for you. If you rent outside you’ll have to make sure your battery is full yourself. I don’t recall charging stations in the parks.

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We have also stayed on the monorail loop when we needed a ecv in the parks. If you are at a resort that has lots of walking to a bus stop, food etc, an off site rental to have all the time might be needed. We have never needed one on a trip where we had to have one at the hotel and not sure if Disney Springs rents them. So I’m not in the know about off site rentals for ECVs but am about strollers.

This may be a silly idea but…why not wear a TP liner pin. I am sure that at least 90% of Liners are nice people and maybe some friendly smiles and a few chats would reassure you that you are among friends and not facing a sea of hostility.


I rent from Scooter Vacations their scooter have larger batteries that last 12 or more hours. I forgot to charge mine one night and it lasted the next day till I got back. If you bring the charger pack with you in the parks all you need to do is plug it in. They have outlets all over the parks, best to do when you are at a restaurant or a long show.

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