Trip Report - April 14-21!

We’re just back from our second amazing trip to WDW! I’m so sad to be back to the real world, so I thought I’d start my trip report to help me relive some of the fun.

Traveling with me were DH, DD7 and DD4. We spent a week at WL and it was amazing!

Saturday, April 14 - Arrival Day!

We had an uneventful flight from the east coast of Canada and actually landed a little ahead of schedule. But man, the lines for customs and immigration were absolutely insane! There were so many more people than when we arrived last year (also on a Saturday). It didn’t take too long though and we were on the DME before we knew it.

I had noticed the day before we checked in that MDE was already showing room charges under the room information tab and our room type was showing as Nature View - Bunk Bed (we had booked standard view). Sure enough, when we checked in we had been upgraded! Our room was 5012 and it had a lovely view. The castle was mostly blocked by a cluster of trees, but we had a nice view of the cabins and water and the monorail which was cool. We could also see the MK fireworks from our balcony! Amazing!

We didn’t do much on arrival day. We headed to the pool and had dinner from the Geyser Point take out window. The girls watched the fireworks from our balcony in their pjs and we headed to bed as early as we could as we had EMM the next morning!


I am looking forward to following your report!

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Looking forward to seeing the rest of your report. (I’m on the east coast of Canada too :wave: hi neighbour)

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Can’t wait to read the rest!

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Sunday, April 15 - EMM and MK

We were up super early on this first day because we had EMM and time is money! Haha! The kids were troopers though and we were at the bus stop by 6:45 ish. The bus came quickly and we were through security etc. by about 7:25.

They let us in to the MK right at 7:45 and we headed back to Fantasyland. We started with Pooh as my plan was to try to ease DD4 into the rides this time. She got on with no problem but quickly announced when it was finished that she didn’t want to ride again. Then we headed to PPF and DD4 got on with no issue and mostly enjoyed it, though she decided that she didn’t want to ride again. I knew DD4 wouldn’t get on 7DMT so DH and I took turns with DD7 and she ended up with 5 rides! So fun!

At about 8:55 or so, we got in line for Cinderella and Elena and got in to see them with almost no wait once the park opened. We then got in line for Rapunzel and Tiana (though it was Aurora on this day!) and waited about 15 minutes. By 9:40 or so, we were eating the EMM breakfast at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. The food was actually quite good!

After breakfast, we had a FP to meet Ariel. We then got on the Under the Sea ride and finally we found a ride that DD4 LOVED!

We then headed to Dumbo where DD4 and DH stayed in the play area while DD7 and I rode. I think we waited about 10 minutes.

After Dumbo, we headed to Frontierland for our BTMRR and Splash FP. DD4 hung out under the train station and DH and I took turns riding with DD7. I absolutely love BTMRR - so fun! And Splash is DD7’s favourite ride so it a great end to the morning.

We then headed to CP for lunch. I actually really enjoyed lunch here. We were trying to kill a bit of time before the parade so I was happy enough to sit in the air conditioning and wait for the characters. I thought the food was pretty good and the kids loved meeting Pooh and the gang.

During lunch, I got a FP for IASW so we headed there when we finished eating. And again, DD4 absolutely loved it. We ended up riding IASW 6 or 7 times during the week, which is actually quite enough believe it or not! Haha!

We then got a spot for the parade but it started to rain so it was delayed. We hung around for awhile but finally decided to pull the plug and head back to the resort. The kids were pretty tired anyway. We grabbed dinner and the Territory Lounge and had another early night as we had a PPO GG reservation in the morning!


Hi! :slight_smile:

Monday, April 16 - Epcot

This was another early morning as we had a PPO GG reservation. We ended up getting to the bus stop by 6:50 but we waited for a bus until almost 7:20. At about 7:00, I said we should get a taxi or mini van, but DH wanted to wait it out. I should’ve listened to myself (as always! Haha!). We had to stop at Fort Wilderness so we didn’t get to Epcot until just before 8. The line for breakfast reservations was huge, but it moved pretty quickly, thankfully!

We finally checked in at GG at about 8:05 or so, and we got called almost right away. I asked our server if I could pay up front as we were hoping to get in line for Soarin and she had no problem doing that. We actually had a great server and she gave us a FP for Crush! So sweet. The food was really good, but my kids aren’t the biggest eaters first thing in the morning, so I felt a bit bad about the wasted food. We were able to see all the characters but Chip by about 8:45. I asked DD7 if she wanted to wait for Chip or get in line for Soarin, and she chose Soarin.

I am so glad she did because we all loved Soarin. We got in line and they let the breakfast crowd in at about 8:50. DH and DD7 rode first and then we headed to meet the Joy, Sadness, and Baymax. After meeting the characters, we headed back to Soarin so DD7 and I could ride with the RS. I seriously almost cried. Such a great ride!

After Soarin, we did our first FP at the Character Spot and met Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. We then headed to the Seas and did Crush with the FP from our GG server. Last year DD4 insisted that I sit with her but this year she sat up front with her sister by herself. She’s getting so grown up! :cry: After Crush, we did the Nemo ride with FP and DD4 loved this ride too!

We then started towards Norway for our FEA FP. First we got in line for Elsa and Anna. The posted wait was 20 minutes, but we only waited 6! Then it was time for FEA. I loved this ride! DD7 and DH loved it too. DD4 wasn’t crazy about the “dip” but conceded that she liked seeing Olaf etc.

We then headed to Mexico and explored a bit before our San Angel Inn reservation. I thought the food was just ok, and everyone was right about how dark it is! I had a hard time seeing my food! During lunch I was able to get a TT FP for 2:30. So after lunch we walked around the WS, only going into the Germany Pavilion so DH could get a beer. DH and DD7 did TT and they both loved it.

By that time, we decided to head back to the WL. This was such a pleasant day temperature-wise. There was an almost cool breeze which made touring Epcot so much easier than last year!


I am enjoying your trip report, thanks for posting! We were at EMM that same morning during our quick WDW trip after our Disney cruise. We really enjoyed the EMM, as well! I think we rode SDMT about 7 times, PP twice and were able to get a ride on Pooh also. The breakfast buffet was great, and we were able to get a ride on Haunted Mansion at park opening before the lines set in. We definitely felt this was worth the extra money. Sounds like you all had a pretty great day, as well!


Hahaha! Quite enough, indeed! Once is all I can take, but so glad your little one loved it so much.

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By the end of it, it was just DD4 and I. DH and DD7 couldn’t take it anymore! Haha!


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Oops - posted too soon.

We had planned a late start and a half day at HS for Tuesday. However, the kids were tired and I actually woke up not feeling 100% so we ended up having a full resort day! DH took the girls to the pool so I could rest a bit. They also did the tie-dye activity in the afternoon which they both loved (and they’re actually both wearing their Mickey tie-dye shirts today!).

We had a quick dinner at Roaring Forks and hung around the pool. We also did the camp fire and roasted marshmallows. It was a nice, restful day and we all needed it!


Wednesday, April 18 - Magic Kingdom #2

We took the boat to Magic Kingdom on Wednesday which was great. The boat to Magic Kingdom was definitely one of our favourite things about WL. So convenient!

We tried RDing SM but it was down so we ended up meeting Merida, doing Under the Sea and IASW (again!) before heading to Adventureland for our PotC and JC FPs. After our FPs, we did the Swiss Family Treehouse which we hadn’t done last trip and then we grabbed a Dole Whip and watched the Tiki birds.

By now it was time for lunch, so we used mobile ordering for Peco Bill’s which worked really well! After lunch, we watched the Country Bears and used our last scheduled FP for Splash. DH and DD7 then got a spot for the parade while I grabbed a 4th FP for DD4 and I to do IASW once more. Haha! After the parade, we headed out with the masses and took the boat back to WL.

We relaxed at the pool for the later part of the afternoon and then changed for dinner. We ate at Geyser Point which is a really lovely spot. The food and drinks were great and the setting can’t be beat. Our server told us that there was a rocket launch scheduled for 6:51 and we got to see it from our table. Amazing!

I should also say that we had had an ADR for 'Ohana for Wednesday but I had cancelled it the day before. I also cancelled an ADR for Whispering Canyon Cafe. I find for our family right now, TS meals are a great way to get a break from the heat and crowds in the park, but for dinner we prefer to be a bit more relaxed and kind of go with the flow. I find DD4 runs out of steam in the evening, so being locked into a 90 minute meal isn’t good for any of us!

After dinner, the girls went to bed early and DH and I sat on the balcony with a glass of wine and watched the fireworks. Such a great day!


That sounds like a fantastic evening.


We did! EMM definitely gave us a good start!

Thursday, April 19 - Animal Kingdom

This was a pretty relaxed morning because I didn’t want to get to AK too early and get caught in the FOP madness. So we took our time, and had great luck with the buses so arrived at the gate at around 8:50. We strolled to Discovery Island where we got in line for Russell (from Up). We were first in line - I don’t think Russell is a huge draw at RD. :smile:

After we met Russell, we headed to meet Pocahontas. We were about three groups back so it didn’t take long at all. After Pocahontas, DD7 and I headed to EE. DH isn’t a fan of roller coasters which works out well because DD7 and I both love them! DD7 didn’t love EE quite as much as last year and I think it had to do with the fact that we did it so early in the morning.

After EE, we strolled through the Maharajah Jungle and got to see the baby tigers. They were so cute, climbing all over the mama tiger, and tugging at each other. I could’ve stayed and watched them all day, but alas it was time for our KS FP.

We had great safari marred only by the fact that DD7 didn’t get to see the baby hippo. She is such a rule follower that she refused to get out of her seat at all to look, even though we were stopped, so she wasn’t able to see him. Anyways, that lead to a few tears, but she got over it pretty quickly.

After KS, it was time for our FOP FP. I could hardly stand the excitement! I had loved Soarin so much, that I just knew that it would be unbelievable. We made our way to Pandora (which is so beautiful!). We all went up for our FP as I wanted to get a RS for DH. Even though he had a FP, I was worried that our first ride may take us past the FP window and I wanted to be sure he got to ride. The CM didn’t even ask about DH’s FP and gave us the RS with no questions asked.

I could tell that DD7 was finding the pre-show a bit intense - she was listening intently and trying to make sure she was right on her number etc. I leaned over to remind her this was all make believe and she relaxed a bit.

When we got onto our ride vehicles, I made sure she had lots of room and didn’t feel too pressed up against the front. She said she was good to go.

Unfortunately the man next to her did not get to ride. The CM couldn’t get the restraints closed. He was not loud or belligerent at all, but he was definitely upset. He had waited for a long time and hadn’t noticed the test vehicles outside the ride. The CM was trying to appease him, offering FPs etc. After a few minutes of back and forth, he left the ride. When I looked at DD7, I could see she was upset. When I asked if she was ok, she said no, she wanted to get off right now. Unfortunately I couldn’t calm her so we ended up getting off without riding. :sob:

On the way out, she kept saying she felt so bad for that man and his wife. I think it was a combination of things, and that was sort of the thing that tipped her over the edge. In any event, she finally calmed down when we got a cold drink and some food. I didn’t even use the RS because I thought it was best to get on with our day and keep her distracted

After lunch we did the Nemo show which I thought was really well done. Part way through the show, I looked at DD7 and her eyes were glistening. When I asked what was wrong, she said she was still feeling sad for the man at the ride. She was really affected by the whole thing!

After the show, I snagged a FP for Kali for DH and DD7. After they rode Kali, we headed back to WL. We had some more pool time and another meal at Geyser Point for dinner which was great. Geyser Point and the boat to MK are definite pros to staying at WL, imo!

We headed to bed early because we were going to attempt early EMH at Mk the next morning.


Awww, what a sweet child she is and what a good mom you are for giving up your ride on FOP! That would have been a struggle for me after being so excited for it.


I am loving your trip report! It’s getting me so excited for my trip.


I think giving up FOP would have sent me over the edge … after all the hype on here I couldn’t have contained my dissapointment … you are a better person than I :+1:t2:


I love Soarin’ so much too! I can’t ride it enough.

I am enjoying your trip report. Thanks for sharing it

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It was hard for sure! I figure it means we have to plan another trip!