Trip report A177



Sounds like you’re having a great time!

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I miss Back to the Future. I understand why they rethemed it, and I like the ride as it is, but I much prefer BttF to The Simpsons.

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Enjoying following along. Glad your Sanaa experience was such a good one. What a great view!

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Another great installment…thanks for taking us along…awesome photos…
I tend to agree with you about the tiger…small area and the tiger seems to be constantly circling the area…but I found the rest of the park a very un-zoolike experience…lots of space for the animals…

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It’s a really great series of reports

Glad you are having a great time

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Do not get my post wrong I am for the animals, but think on this.

If the tigers and other animals had great big exhibits, It is unlikely that you would get to see them. They would be in a far off corner away from people.

The tiger enclosure is somewhat misleading. It’s actually quite large, with several different “arms” that reach into the guest viewing areas. The fact is that feeding always occurs near the guest areas, so that’s where they typically hang out.


OK – hypocrisy alert! – I claim to be a huge animal lover, but I’m not a vegetarian and I know some or much of the delicious meat I eat has not had a happy life. And if I see any kind of bug in my house it dies immediately.

But you see something as awesome as a tiger and you just immediately fall in love with it and those things are designed to roam vast acres and hunt. If you want to see wild animals there are some incredible documentaries you can watch – Planet Earth II, shown in the UK this year, was mind-blowing, for example.

And maybe/probably Disney is doing important conservation work and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but I see a tiger in a small-looking enclosure and it makes me feel sad.

The zebras and giraffes and so on at AKL were different. It felt like they had a bigger area, they would normally just spend their time grazing, which is what they were doing, but they were doing it in peace because there were no predators to freak them out. So I felt OK about that.


I’m glad you enjoyed Na’vi. I thought I was the only one who liked it. I get severe motion sickness, so it’s just my speed. :slight_smile: My DD22 and I rode it three times during the Passholder preview. I did not do FOP, although I walked through the queue (no wait) with my DD, then took the chicken exit.

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Great installment.

I think we’ve talked about the desire to “spread the magic” by giving things away at the parks. It’s a weird thing. People don’t know how to say thank you for the wand and give a smile. Jeez, not everything comes with strings attached! I’m glad it made the child happy though!

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