Trip report A174



Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy CG.

Do you think the VIP-tour at Universal is worth the money?

We paid $219 + tax each. For that we got valet parking, Danish pastries and coffee, two course lunch, drink and snack, poncho, the world’s most uncomfortable lanyard, 13 rides/attractions with zero waiting (but also missing queue theming), some peeks backstage and some interesting info. Your VIP pass turns into an unlimited Express Pass for the rest of the day – if you have the energy for it. The tour runs 11-6 with an hour for lunch. The park closes at 9.

I think that’s a pretty comprehensive package at that price. (It varies seasonally.) We went low season Sunday, which was actually pretty busy.

But I do need to go back to see some of the queues, especially the Harry Potter ones.

I’d rate it 4.5 out of 5.


Thank you! Sounds like a good value, but I am sure I can’t justify another 400$ for our next trip :wink:

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Spider-Man is a fantastic ride, but the best there? I’m surprised by that! Sounds like a great day though.

What would you say is better than Spider-Man?

I edited my post. The cost was actually $219 + tax, but we also got a poncho and a lanyard :joy:

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Hulk, FJ, RRR, Gringotts, Dragon Challenge. I ride all of those and Spider-Man several times a trip.


I’ve edited my original post to include a picture of my wand and a map of where I can cast spells.


Very cool post - your wand popped in as I was reading it!
I’m kind of surprised at the simplicity of the Draco wand - I would think that the Malfoy family would at least have some sort of status-invoking encrusted jewels on it.

I haven’t been to Universal since perhaps 2000, which was pre-kids, although I did go with sister and nephews. I have little recollection of most rides from then! Sounds so much different even without the Potter zone.

Perhaps you enjoyed the toilet ambiance so much because you were on the VIPee tour? running away now


Nice wand. DS got Dumbledore’s in 2012 and Sirius Black’s last year. DH bought me Hermione’s a couple of Christmases ago as a way to tell me he was taking me to the Studio Tour. They’re pretty cool aren’t they.

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do the wands do anything?

We were at Universal Hollywood last fall and my two kids purchased Hermione and Death Eater (I know!) wands. Thanks for the tip on the scariness of Kong…we are heading to Universal Orlando in November and will keep that in mind. Really enjoying your updates, thanks a lot for taking the time to post.

With the interactive ones you cast spells, it’s pretty cool. They are about $50 though.


My kids, DD9 and DS11 loved casting the spells.

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DS would have loved it when he was 7 but they didn’t have interactive wands then. He thought it was dumb when he was 11. We did watch other people do it though.

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You are having an amazing trip! Great planning! I had a similar experience Food wise at CG. There are just so many other places I prefer!


Also surprised by the Spiderman “best ride”. What about Hulk and Rip Ride Rocket roller coasters?? But I get ill on the motion simulator rides, with transformers and Forbidden Journey being the worst. Old school love for MIB though. We had an incident at Disney when someone asked whether we needed the magic band for the now 3y/o (yes, but not at 2y/o) so had to go back to the room to get it. Not as far as if you had to retrieve your tickets tho.

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That stinks about CG.

Would you consider doing brunch? Quiet, bright, and delicious.

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Interesting post. I’ve recently decided to add a Universal visit to our trip in November. Crowds should be pretty low for the date I’m going and I plan to fully immerse myself in everything Harry Potter. You bring up a good point about many of the rides being the same. I have been virtually riding a bunch of them this weekend (I’m going with my mom who doesn’t do many rides) and I realized the same thing.

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