Trip report A173



I go in August and only need to apply sun cream in the morning, and I burn really easily.

The films in WS make me motion sick too. It’s weird because there is not a ride in the world that does. Mission Space Orange is not my favourite but it doesn’t make me sick. It does make me feel like I’m going to pass out when you take off, but not nauseous.

Enjoy Universal!


I am so glad you are having lots of fun times. Sounds like you are making wonderful memories. I really enjoy your write-ups.

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Great day! I love the way you have adjusted when needed!

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Can’t wait to hear more! I feel like I want to binge read your whole trip at once. It’s like waiting next week for your favorite show. Lol. Glad it’s all going well!

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Excellent info. as usual - thanks so much for all of this. I love living vicariously through these reports! And a nice thought about the kid who got your Star Wars thingy - you may have just created his favorite memory of the whole trip!


Great report.

That’s some walk from epcot to Hollywood studios!!

Rather you than me

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China’s move will make you sick too. I’m glad to hear others get motion sickness and it’s not just a “me” thing. Keep the trip reports coming!

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Great report! Skip impressions de France too. I was messed up for a while after that.

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I think we walked past you while you were waiting in the boat outside the Epcot back gate! The timing sounds right and it was absolutely bucketing.


It takes a couple of days for my DH to get into driving in America!
I love TSMM! It’s one of my favourites :grinning:
My backpack on day one is always overloaded and I soon ditch most of what I ‘think’ I need!
I’m glad you and your friend have found a way to both enjoy the parks.

Wait - was that Star Wars model thingy this thing? It looks like a really cool popcorn bucket.

No. It was a much simpler thing than that. And way cheaper, I assume.

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Great report - thank you. I love reading other people’s insights and everyone has different favourites, except for FOP. No variation there everyone loves it. I thought your reminder on different touring styles is timely. I had almost forgotten that my touring plans will be a guide only and if other family don’t want to do something they can skip it and meet up for next fast pass etc. If you haven’t been before you don’t know what you will like!