Trip Report 8/24-8/31 Ness Family Disney Trip!


Just doing a running list thingy:
-Weather was HOT or HOT AND RAINY. We were prepared for the the HOT but only slightly for the RAINY.
-The Family Magic Tour was a waste for our family. Took too much time on a morning, and my kids (10 and 8) were too old for it. Thought we’d ride PP but ended up on Little Mermaid. Did meet Peter and Mickey.
-Disney After Hours was a huge win, lots of fun, totally worth it, and my kids did just fine that late because it was cooler and they were riding rides like crazy with no lines, plus snacks.
-My DD10 needs to come to terms with her motion sickness. Learned popcorn is the best remedy for her.
-We were on the DDP (free) and even though I thought I planned appropriately, there was still just SO MUCH FOOD. The snacks are ridiculous, but I should have been less judicious with them early in the trip. EAT THE SNACK. Always get the snack.
-We discovered the Tree of Life show thingy at the end of a long day, and it was so special and unexpected and we all loved it so much. I hadn’t even heard of this, or thought it was something else, maybe, and we were just tickled when my son discovered the animals were moving, and then to see the little movies was icing on the cake. Also, check out Pandora at night. It’s a different world. Amazing! Walked onto Na’vi River ride, too!
-Rode FOP 3 times!
-Rode SDD 3 times!
-Rode 7DMT, I don’t know, 7 times?!
-Be Our Guest dinner was awesome. Totally worth paying OOP but probably not 2 TS credits.
-Liners are amazing and were SO helpful on this trip (used the app). Literally REAL TIME help with issues, tips, etc.
-A few quotes from non-liners I heard over the course of this trip, “Where did all these people come from, the park opened 2 minutes ago!!” (This was in line for FOP, which had opened almost 30 minutes prior) “How? Just how?!” (This was a lady who discovered we were in line for our SECOND ride of FOP at 9:15am) “Did you get to ride SDD?” (The young lady on the plane who couldn’t believe we rode SDD three times after I told her. They didn’t get a FPP, do not wake up early, and never wanted to wait an hour so she never rode it.)
-My DS8 does not do well on just a “snack” in the morning and never fully was himself until we started eating lunch around 11am. Made for some rough mornings until we figured this out.
-If you are a Star Wars fan, plan to spend a good hour at Launch Bay. We waited to see it until our Dessert Party, and between the desserts and drinks, meeting the characters, and the actual show, we didn’t get enough time to see everything!
-I’m no longer sure if going every 5 years is the right cadence for us. We packed so much into this trip we were all exhausted when we got home. I’d like to try going a bit more often and doing quite a bit less. Don’t get me wrong, my kids LOVED this trip and had no complaints about the pace, but I just think it would be even more fun. Plus I want to go again RIGHT NOW.



What a beautiful family !!! :smiley:


Man, that photo with your son is such a classic. I have several like that with my daughter. We learned not to do photos in the morning. She needs a few rides first.


Sounds like a wonderful trip. I understand what you mea about every five years. Our trip this summer had been seven years (five got put off a few years). Would go every year if I could, just can’t swing it!


Great action packed trip! So many wonderful memories including that awesome shot of your son! You sure know how to Disney!!! Thanks for sharing!



We were there 8/23 - 9/1 on free DDP. Like last year had to bring back over a dozen snacks plus another 9 converted from meals.

We got SDD two times. Would have been three but disaster struck. On last day park hopped from AK. Got in “75 minute line” after lunch. Ride broke down at 143 minutes with only a few families before us at FPP merge. Did you get ride photos? We only got one in the day and nothing on night ride


Trip sounds like it was terrific! I think your ALWAYS GET THE SNACK needs to be a t-shirt. :smiley:


Amazing report and more amazing pics lol!


That happened to us riding Space Mountain. We scored a FPP but the wait was still around 20 minutes, so when we were the NEXT group to board and the lights came on, we knew there was trouble! Ended up getting “anytime” FPP and were able to ride it later.


It’s now on my list for our next trip!! LOL!


What a great trip report!! We leave in 8 days! My DS9 is that same way in the morning! I plan on making sure he has something to eat before we hit the parks. Plus he gets hangry through out the day so I will not be saying no to any snacks! EAT THE SNACK!!! Thanks for sharing!


Great pics!


What a great trip report. Thank you! We have two - 8 and 6 - and this is a good view to what our next trip will be like in 2 years.