Trip Report 4/21 - 4/28

We have recently returned from our second trip to WDW. It was an amazing trip!! Low crowds, really good weather, and my TPs were a total success! I enjoy writing a trip report to re-live the fun and so that I can re-read it in between trips. This trip included myself, DD5 and my mother. I rented DVC points for the first time, and we did a split stay for the first time. We spent 3 nights at AKV – Jambo and then 4 nights at BCV.

Day 1 – Saturday, April 21

We had a direct flight on SWA from Indianapolis to MCO. We arrived at MCO just before 5 pm. After retrieving our luggage, we boarded DME and departed right away. First stop, Jambo House! I had received a room ready text at the Indianapolis airport, and we were given the room right next to my room request. It was on the 5th floor of the Zebra trail overlooking the pool and close to the elevator. I really liked the convenience of this location.

When we arrived, we went directly to our room. Our Amazon Prime Now order had been delivered while we were waiting for luggage at MCO. I called bell services, and they delivered our order about 5-10 minutes later. We changed into our swimsuits and went down to enjoy the pool. We then grabbed a quick bite to go from The Mara and headed back to the room for a normal bedtime for DD5. Super excited and ready to hit RD at MK on Sunday!


Day 2 – Sunday, April 22

I knew to expect travel delays because of the Star Wars half marathon, but it still took longer than I expected to get to MK because of traffic. We were at the bus stop just past 8:00 and waited awhile for the bus to arrive. The bus was packed (fortunately we made it on, others waiting were not as lucky), I had to stand with the stroller, and it took longer than normal to travel to MK. But we finally arrived at MK!

We simply skipped step 1 on the TP and carried on with the plan. We headed directly for the Jasmine & Aladdin M&G. We arrived just a couple minutes before 9:30 and were the first ones in line. I dropped DD5 and DM off there and headed for BTMR. It was still a walk-on at this point. This was my first time on BTMR as it was closed for refurb on our last trip. So much fun, loved it!

After exiting, I met DD5 and DM outside of Splash. They had also stopped for pictures with two of the Country Bears, and Shaker even signed DD5’s book. DD5 was 39” on our last trip, so she was excited to do some of the rides that she had to sit out last time. Still, when it was time to board our boat, DD5 was balking and I had to pick her up and put her in the boat. We were also given row 1! She was fine until we started to climb the last hill, and then she started crying and buried her head in my side. Of course, after the drop, she was happy and laughing and so excited that she did Splash!

Next, we walked around to PoTC. It had a 25-minute posted wait. We probably should have just got in line. I tried modifying one of our later FP to PoTC for a bit but had no luck, so we all decided to just skip it. We did Magic Carpets next, which DD5 loves. And then used our first FP for JC. We walked through SFT (this was also under refurb on our last trip) and then headed for an early lunch at Pecos Bill.

We enjoyed a quick, relaxing lunch at Pecos Bill and then headed in to watch CBJ. After this, I used mobile ordering for the first time for a dole whip! Always so good, and we sat and shared. From here, we headed over to TSI for the first time. DD5 loved taking the lead here, and we followed her around while exploring the island. I think I had to shoot every gun at the fort with her. It was a fun break that I’m glad we made time for this trip!

Next, we took the train from Frontierland to Fantasyland. And we followed the path around to the Speedway for our next FP. DD5 LOVES the Speedway, and she was super excited to get the “driver’s license” card at the exit. After this, we walked over to the PeopleMover. The line was backed up outside, so we skipped it and went ahead to the Stitch M&G. Stitch was super cute and fun!

We then used our third FP for Buzz. We are all horrible at this. I added a FP for MILF next (because why not?), yet it might have been our longest wait of the whole trip. It was our first time for this show, so we all thought it was cute. Because this took longer than I expected, the FOF parade was already to the hub as we were walking up Main Street. We still had no problem finding a curb spot near Town Square. We all love this parade, and DD5 always seems to get plenty of attention from the characters.

After the parade, we headed in to use FP for the Tinkerbell M&G. Always fun to see Tink! And then we went to our 4:00 ADR at CP. DD5 absolutely LOVES all the character meals. However, this was the one meal that she asked to repeat from our last trip. It was even more fun this time! Lots of attention from the characters, and DD5 got to do the parade twice. On the second time, she even held Tigger’s hand and lead the march around the dining room with him. I’m sure we’ll be back!

After this, we stopped in the Emporium for DD5’s first souvenir and then took the bus back to AKL (so much quicker this time). We changed and enjoyed the pool for a while. DD5 LOVES that slide! We also checked out some of the animal viewing spots and then were back to the room for a normal bedtime. Such a fantastic first day!!


Fab photos and trip report, your daughter is beautiful!

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Great pics! Sounds so fun! I can’t wait to read more! :slight_smile:

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So cute leading the parade with Tigger. What an honor!

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What a great day! Can’t wait to read the rest!

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Great pics! The one with the country bear is so adorable.

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Day 3 – Monday, April 23

We arrived on time for RD at HS. We had already decided to skip TSMM on this trip due to no fastpasses. At RD, as all the masses scrambled to line up for TSMM, we cruised down the left-hand side and into the Buzz & Woody M&G with no wait. As we exited, it was still a couple minutes before 9:00 so we headed over to the Mickey and Minnie M&G. This was our first time meeting them here, and we thought it was a cute M&G.

DD5 and DM had FP for the 9:40 showing of Disney Jr. so I walked them over there. And then I was on my own for RnRC and ToT! I used the SR line at RnRC and walked right into the pre-show. I enjoyed RnRC much more this time as I knew what to expect, and I kept my eyes open the whole time! Next, I used my FP for ToT. This was my first time on ToT. So much fun, loved it! As I exited, it was still a bit before 10:00. I probably could have done either again but headed back to Disney Jr. and waited for DD5 and DM to exit the show.

Next, we met all four of the Disney Jr. characters. And then we headed across the park to use our FP for ST. This was our first time on ST, and we really loved it. DD5 loved it SO much that she wanted to repeat it again immediately! (I got another FP for it after dinner.) Honestly, I was a little surprised at how much she loved it considering she’s never seen a Star Wars movie.

We then walked over to see MuppetVision. I still have a soft spot for the Muppets, so I thought this was a cute show. After the show, we met Chip & Dale. And then DD5 really wanted to eat at PizzeRizzo, so we ended up there for lunch. After lunch, we stopped to watch Jedi Training. DD5 still thought this was too scary prior to the trip, so we did not sign up for JTA. But after watching the show in person again, she’s decided that she’s finally ready to do JTA on our next trip!

From here, we headed over to use FP for BaTB (because we had no other options, boo!). We had to skip BaTB on our last trip, so we thought this show was fantastic. After the show, it was time for us to take a mid-day break. We took the bus back to AKL, changed into swimsuits and headed down to enjoy the pool. We got rained on a bit while at the pool, but of course, DD5 didn’t care. However, once it started to thunder, they closed the pool.

We chilled in the room for a while and then got ready to go back to HS. This was our first time taking a mid-day break, and we were big fans! We definitely felt more refreshed heading back to the park for the evening. We had a dinner reservation at 50s PT. This was our first time here, and we really didn’t get any hijinks from our server. It was still an enjoyable meal though. I had the pot roast which is a huge serving! And that shake, OMG so good!

After dinner, we headed back to do ST with another FP. DD5 loved it just as much the second time, and she was the rebel spy! She kept saying over and over “I can’t believe he spied me!” It was so cute. After this, we walked over to meet Olaf. Always fun to see Olaf! And then it was time to make our way over to Fantasmic. We ended up with pretty good seats, and we always love this show. After the show, we headed back to AKL and to bed. I had debated skipping HS on this trip, and I’m really glad that we didn’t skip it. It was another really fun day!!


Great trip reports. Your daughter is so cute, love all the character meets. And Tigger was tiggerific.

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Day 4 – Tuesday, April 24

I had purposely planned a later start this day since we had a later night at HS. And because this was the day that we moved to BCV. We slept in a bit and then packed up our things. I called bell services around 9:30, and they came up right away to tag and take our luggage and groceries. We made the short bus ride to AK and still had time to spare before our 10:30 ADR at Tusker House. We wandered some of the trails around the Tree of Life and came across a CM feeding two storks. He discussed their feeding habits with us for a while as he fed them fish and mice.

We then made our way to breakfast at TH. I thought the food was fine, mostly standard breakfast items. But the character interaction was just okay. They primarily just signed DD5’s book and then a quick hug and photo. DD5 enjoyed the parade though and dancing and playing instruments with Daisy.

After breakfast, we lined up for FotLK. This show is a must-do at AK for me. And once again, we all really enjoyed it. From there, we went to use our first FP at KS. We had a good safari and saw lots of animals including the baby hippo, and the male lion up walking around. Next, we walked through the Gorilla Falls Trail. And then we took the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

DD5 absolutely LOVES animals so she really loves Rafiki’s Planet Watch. We first met Rafiki. We then walked through the Conservation Station and stopped to listen to a CM giving a talk about a snake. DD5 got to touch the snake for a long time afterwards. And then we headed into the Affection Section. Per usual, I had to make her leave this area after we had spent quite a bit of time brushing and petting all the animals.

After taking the train back to Africa, we stopped to play the drums for a bit, and then DD5 was ready for an ice cream break. I got her some ice cream, and we walked over to sit at the Y&Y QS for a short break. We then headed off to use our next FP at KRR. This was our first time doing KRR, and we all really liked it a lot (even though it’s a short ride). DD5 especially loved it! I’m glad that I wore my rain jacket because although I enjoyed getting wet, I was happy that my clothes stayed almost entirely dry.

I felt like we were a bit behind on my TP, so we skipped the Maharajah Jungle Trek. From here, we walked around to EE, and I sent DD5 and DM on to Dinoland so that I could do EE. I love EE, it’s still probably my favorite ride in all the parks. I think that I only waited a few minutes using the SR line. It was so quick that I immediately got in line again. So fun! I briefly contemplated doing it a third time but decided that I should move on to Dinoland.

I found DD5 and DM in Dinoland as they had just completed TS. DD5 really wanted a Mickey pretzel so we stopped at Dino-Bite Snacks for a pretzel. Then, it was time for The Boneyard. DD5 is obsessed with The Boneyard! She really could have stayed there all day, but eventually I had to make her leave so that we could head to Pandora.

Pandora is so beautiful that it’s almost overwhelming when you first walk in. We walked around a little bit to take it all in and get acquainted with where everything was located. Then, I sent DD5 and DM to use their FP for NRJ while I headed off to use my FP at FoP. FoP was awesome!! It actually wasn’t as intense as I was expecting. DD5 and DM also really loved NRJ. We then went into Satuli Canteen for dinner. Wow, the food was even better than I expected! So good!

I really didn’t want to leave the park but knew it was best that we head back to BCV. I had received the room ready text earlier in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we didn’t get our room request at BCV. We went directly to our room when we arrived at BCV, and it was on the 4th floor at the very end farthest from BC. Not a big deal but also not ideal when you’ve got tired feet. The room was great though! It seemed so much bigger than the room at AKL. I called bell services, and they immediately delivered all our luggage. And then we were to bed shortly thereafter. It had been another terrific day!!


This is my favourite part of your report. Your daughter looks so engrossed in what she’s doing. What an incredible day, packed with so many experiences for her.

Oh to be a child again!


Love the report and great pictures. Your DD looks like she had a great time.

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I loved reading your report! Your daughter is so cute!


Thank you for sharing…may try to talk dw into letting me duck into the single rider line on EE.

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Oh, you absolutely should! It’s so much fun! And SR line has always been short on both of my trips.

I’m loving your report so much! Your pics are adorable!

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fun report! lots of cute pics and sounds like you planned very well!

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Day 5 – Wednesday, April 25

We enjoyed the short walk from BCV to the IG for RD at Epcot on this morning. There was a small crowd at the IG for RD. So awesome! We waited outside bag check just a bit before they opened it up and let us tap in. Then we were held up the hill until it was finally time for RD. We headed immediately to Soarin’. This was the first time for DD5 and DM on Soarin’, and they both really loved it! When we exited, there was still just a 10-minute posted standby wait. I considered getting back in line, but we moved on with the plan.

Next, we walked on LwtL. And then we headed over to use our first FP at The Seas with Nemo & Friends. DD5 really likes this ride and the whole Seas pavilion. Once inside, we walked right into the next showing of Turtle Talk. This was another show that we missed on our last trip, so we thought it was super cute. DD5 was very excited to ask Crush a question! After the show, we explored the whole aquarium for a while.

From here, we walked across the park to use our next FP at Mission Space green. This was our first time doing this ride. It was okay, but I’m not sure that DD5 could see the screen well (if at all). I asked the CM if she needed the booster, and he said no. I should have insisted on it. She really liked the playground area at the exit, and it was a bit of a battle to get her to leave.

We then walked over to use our third FP at Test Track. The FP line was backed up outside, and they were announcing that there was a 30-minute wait with FP. I’m not sure if it had been down earlier or what. However, the line seemed to move steadily. DD5 loved designing our car, but she was quite confused that the ride vehicle didn’t look like her design. LOL! We all loved this. DD5 was very proud of herself for doing a “fast” ride.

It was now time to head to World Showcase. We first stopped at the Port of Entry shop to buy a Spike scavenger hunt map. DD5 loved the scavenger hunt at F&W on our last trip, so I knew this was a must-do. We then walked to the UK to meet Alice. I got fish & chips from Yorkshire County, which we shared while waiting in line. So good! After meeting Alice, we walked to France. I got the la vie en rose slushy from the France booth, and then we headed into Les Halles. We enjoyed a break here and a few treats before it was time to go meet Aurora.

DM waited in line for Aurora to come out while I took DD5 to the Florida Fresh booth to find Spike. I also got the shrimp & grits and the watermelon cucumber slushy from the Florida Fresh booth. So good! We walked back and waited just a few more minutes before Aurora came out. After chatting with Aurora, we headed back to the UK to meet Mary Poppins. DD5 is only slightly aware of who Mary Poppins is, but as we walked away, DD5 said “I could have talked to her all day!”

It was now time for us to head back to BCV for our mid-day break. We changed into swimsuits, started some laundry, and then went down for our first experience at SAB. DD5 was content to stay in the sandy area most of the time. We spent some time doing the little kid slide, but she was not brave enough to do the big slide. We enjoyed SAB for a while before it was time to go back to the room to get ready for our evening at Disney Springs.

We took the bus to Disney Springs and headed directly to The Boathouse for our 6:45 ADR. We LOVED The Boathouse so much! DM and I both had the lobster bisque which was really good. And then I had the NY steak & fries so that I could share with DD5 (who is not a big eater). The service, food, and atmosphere were all excellent.

After dinner, we did some shopping at World of Disney, Days of Christmas and Goofy’s Candy Company. By then it was getting late. So after DD5 and I enjoyed our cake pops, we walked back to the bus. We took the bus back to BCV and straight to bed. We love Epcot and Disney Springs so this was another fantastic day!!


Love it! All the flower topiary animals and characters make me want to go to Epcot in the Spring so badly!
Glad to hear your review of The Boathouse. The menu looks really perfect for my group, but I was wondering if it was worth the expense.

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Epcot is gorgeous during F&G! Decided that I prefer it over F&W.

I definitely recommend The Boathouse! We were not on the dining plan, but there are plenty of reasonably priced items on the menu.

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