Trip Report 4/19-4/23

Ok, maybe not a full trip report, but a few things in case anyone is interested.

Traveling was myself, DH and DS9. We go pretty regularly so we don’t try to cram in a ton but make sure we hit our favorites and try something new each trip. We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn. We usually just go with whichever is cheaper, Boardwalk or Beach Club when we stay because I love the proximity to Epcot and HS. We unfortunately had some loud neighbors and apparently the walls are very thin. We were woken up to yelling each morning and when they came back at night (usually after 10pm). It’s the first time we’ve ever been bothered by neighbors. Swearing, yelling and slamming doors was a common occurrence. Tried calling the ‘front desk’ but they didn’t do much.

First night we arrived we did a quick dinner at ESPN and then went to Epcot for Soarin and a few other things. Mostly a quiet night.

For us, when we get to a park at rope drop, we try to head to the rides no one else will be at (because there is no way I am going to get in the pack headed to FOP or SDMT - just the thought of it makes my skin crawl!). The first full day was our Epcot day. We entered the IG at rope drop (behind the crowd) and DS stopped to play in the garden play area on the walkway between Figment and Canada. He was the only kid there and had a ball. I love Flower and Garden for adding this. Next was to Nemo and a chance to explore the aquarium area with no one else in sight.

A little tip that worked out for us on 2 straight trips. Seems that if you are the first person to buy something from the food cart (at least the one outside Nemo), the CM puts you on the walkie talkie to ‘open the cart’ by saying 10-8, the person on the other end wishes you a magical day and you get your order for free. Free drinks for the family - and it’s happened to us twice. Last time, they insisted DS also take a bag of cotton candy. DS was thrilled.

Next was TT FP, SE FP and a trip to Starbucks for DS to get a cookie and me to get a cupcake. I like a plain chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and I swear it’s one of the only places in Disney get actually get one - and it’s delicious. We then hit our MS FP before heading to Le Cellier for lunch. This is a must do for us every trip. DS gets just a signature poutine (which he shares with me thankfully), I get the cheese soup and DH gets a steak. Well, DH broke his tooth as we were at the airport waiting to go down but decided to roll the dice on a steak because it’s always soooo good. This one was terrible. Full of fat and very tough. I’m hoping it was an off day because as I said, we typically love it here.

DS was tired and Figment was down, so we headed back for some pool time. An early evening.

I’ll stop for a few seconds to say that I need to come up with something for DS. He and I both have a medical condition which impacts our legs and feet and makes fatigue a problem. I walk around with the big braces on both legs but have gotten to the point where I really just suck it up and push through the fatigue (because I am incredibly stubborn and refuse to get a scooter). DS isn’t at the point where can push through it, so he’s constantly looking for a place to sit and complaining he’s tired. I try not to push him, but feel like we miss out on a lot. We did the stroller until he was 8, but I think we need to start looking into a wheelchair for him for future trips, especially in the heat. I have a few months to think about it until we’re back in June.

Next day was Magic Kingdom. We got to the park around 8:30am on an 8am opening (after I knew the crowds would have dispersed on main street!) and headed to Space Mountain, which was a walk on. Then we did Buzz (twice) and People Mover before heading to our first FastPass which was Haunted Mansion. Then to our Splash and POTC (both FP). The natives were restless and wanted food, so we headed to Tony’s. It remains one of my least favorite restaurants in all of Disney. DH loves the chicken alfredo and DS9 adores the spaghetti and meatballs (and the fact that he gets a cupcake on his plate with his meal). Then we headed back to BTMRR (FP) and scored another FP for Buzz, because DS wanted to go again. It was hot, DS was tired, so we headed back to the resort (once again, we tried to get a Minnie Van but were unable - I think since they launched we’re probably around 40% in being able to score one when we wanted). DS and I hit the pool and we made it an early evening.

Last full day was Animal Kingdom and happened to be the 20th anniversary (oh, my god, the crowd averse me was so scared when I figured this out about a month before the trip!). Park opened at 9am, we got there around 8:40am (Minnie Van this time!). Crowds headed to either FOP, Merchandise (we tried to buy something at some point in the day, but the line was around the entire store…I put it back) or to have their pictures taken with the big 20th anniversary stuff. We went to Expedition Everest. They didn’t open the ride right at 9am, was more like 9:10am, but still gave us plenty of time to walk onto Dinosaur and a 5 minute wait at Primeval Hurl. DS played a few carnival games (where I prayed he didn’t win the extra large prize - those are awful to carry along all day and you can’t send it to the front of the park or back to the resort! He won a medium and a small prize). Then it was our FOP FP, so we made our way through the crowd to Pandora. It is still my favorite ride and DH, while a tight fit at a big 6’4" got to ride it again without issue (although he complains of being squished). We then went the back route by Tusker House to get to our KS FP (which was thankfully almost empty to walk along!). Had a great safari and saw all 3 lions (they were sleeping, but we got some great pictures). I had a FP for KRR, but DS was tired, so we went to Rainforest Café with our Landry’s card, were seated immediately and had lunch. DS wanted to go after that, so back to the resort. I left the 2 boys and took the boat to HS to do some shopping by myself.

We walked to Yacht Club for dinner at Ale & Compass. We started with the parker house rolls (not as good as the ones at the Boathouse, but tasty). DH had ravioli (in deference to the broken tooth) which he said was good, not great. I had the short ribs and said the same (I think my mind kept comparing it to the Captain’s Grill’s short ribs with creamed corn risotto which was outstanding). We decided if we were staying at BC, it was an ok dinner spot, but nothing to visit if we weren’t in the area. DH stopped by Beaches and Cream for a sundae on the walk back. Yum!!!

Our last day, we had 3 FPs for Hollywood Studios before we caught our flight. We got there at around 9:45 and went straight to RnRRC. Loved it, as usually. A quick trip next door to TOT (love when we get first timers on the ride! - they make it so fun!) and a quick run over to ST for our last ride. It was a different video from the one in January and February, so that was nice.

And then we headed to the airport where our flight was delayed about 2 hours (which I’ll take as opposed to dealing with the cancellations a lot of Southwest passengers were experiencing!). I will also make this note. There were soooo many people in preboarding that we were A32-34 and had to go more than halfway down the plane to get 3 seats together. The end of the family boarding had to start splitting up and by the time the Bs came along, it was tough picking. Usually, we’ve never had an issue in the early Bs getting 3 together. It would have been impossible this trip.

Overall, the weather cooperated beautifully and we had a good time. We got in most of our ‘must do’s’ and tried a new restaurant. Our dog was thrilled to see us when we get back. I’ve got a couple of months to figure out what to do with DS, but I think his over exuberant 13 year old cousin may help to push him along. And lots of pool time.

Anyhow, that was longer than anticipated, but I can answer any questions anyone might have!


I’m fantasizing about another trip and like the looks of Boardwalk & Beach Club as possibilities - never stayed near Epcot before. Too bad about the thin walls though, ugh!