Trip Report 2/5-2/11 couple's trip

Me: 30’s, long-time Disney fan, last visit 2015
SO: 30’s, last visit 2002

Stayed at Pop Century. Probably won’t ever do that again. Very crowded and “busy” feeling. Did not get requested room, let alone any 4th floor room. Room was clean but not quiet due to kids. Basic food court. Good (Amazon) package service. Great location to Skyliner - that was my reason for choosing Pop. However, my next trip I’ll splurge on an Epcot or monorail resort for convenience.

Skyliner - Did not experience any long breakdowns. I was pleasantly surprised how efficient it was at moving people. Also surprised that Pop literally did not have buses for Epcot or HS.

February Timing - Typically low-medium crowd this time of year, but that was not the case. Everywhere was crowded. Cheerleading and dance groups made things worse. This week was unseasonably cold. I was a little bummed tbh.

Crowd Levels
2/6 MK: Predicted 6, Saw 7 – standard busy
2/7 EP: Predicted 6, Saw 7 – France was swamped
2/9 AK: Predicted 5, Saw 5 – crowded around Harambe and Pandora
2/10 HS: Predicted 4, Saw 8:roll_eyes: :-1: It was SO BUSY. SWGE was packed. Honestly, a bummer way to close out the trip.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Park cast members were overall very friendly. A lot of them seemed burned out. A lot of them talking to each other about hours getting cut or moved. AK janitorial staff were rude.
  • Bus drivers were either extremely friendly or extremely moody. A lot seemed like recent hires. Tons of trainees driving around. Some had no idea where they were supposed to be picking up and dropping off.
  • SWGE cast members were awesome - very in-character despite the insane crowds.
  • Blew my mind why so many parents of 7U kids booked Savi’s Workshop. These kids had ZERO interest in paying attention to the ceremony, let alone building a lightsaber. But hey, it’s good for the 'gram. Aside from that, great experience.
  • Deconstructed French Onion Soup was my favorite item at Epcot Festival of the Arts. Fried gnocchi was the biggest upset.
  • Had my first-ever meal at California Grill. Mushroom ravioli was soooo much better than the boring filet mignon. The Grand Marnier crème brulee trumped the Five Magical Bites - which were really basic and not even cold. Server was fantastic. Nighttime fireworks show was fantastic.
  • WORST EVER DISNEY MEAL at O’hana - service was suuuuper rushed and pushy. Brought salads, apps and mains at the table within 2 minutes of one-another. Beef was tougher than concrete. The eukulele player had to be on redbull - the music was uncomfortably fast and jarring. Bread pudding was not what I remember from years ago. It was a pile of mush with a caramel sauce without bananas.
  • Surprisingly great food at Polite Pig in Disney Springs. I really appreciated the CM’s booting people from holding tables who didn’t have their food yet. We were able to quickly get a table and relax.
  • Space 220 is a one-and-done place for me. While we were waiting for bar seats outside, the manager tried to get us an immediate table for the Pre Fixe meal. I was like heck no. Bar/lounge is all you need at this place. Great drinks.
  • Super funny overhearing fathers complaining about double-wide strollers … of which I’ve never seen so many in my life. I expected strollers and wheelchairs, but the double-wides made congestion worse for everyone around, particularly on the buses.
  • Mears bus to/from MCO was fantastic - pretty much like ME, except I paid for it.
  • Disappointed in quantity and variety of 50th Anniversary merchandise available. It just wasn’t a huge selection.
  • Genie+ and Lightening Lane took a little getting used to but I got passes for everything I wanted at all of the parks. I’m a happy camper.
  • Epcot Harmonious was a dumpster fire of IP for me. Next time I’ll get in line for Remy instead.
  • Amazing staff at the Riviera since we stopped on the Skyliner trail to look around. Best quick service pizza amongst all the resorts.

I forgot how complex Disney park-goers are. I saw some of the most kind and some of the worst people all in the same day. It’s a very sobering experience and makes you slow down on a hectic day and appreciate where you are and why you’re there.


Good summary, thanks. I could see staying at Pop for a solo trip or family trip but I feel like there are many other choices for a couples trip. Oh and I love Polite Pig too. Have only been there once but was pleasantly surprised.


I stayed at POR years ago and forgot how much of a zoo that place was as well. Cost was definitely a factor this time around too - pretty high on moderates and deluxes.

What a great summation!

Bummer to read how bad 'Ohana was for you. I can’t understand why they can’t be more consistent. They have a set menu, a set format… it should be insanely easy to carry out. But the reports are consistently inconsistent. My DD wants here for her dinner-of-her-choice in April and I’m happy to get it for her but bracing myself for a less-than experience and I hate that.

Space220 is getting so much of your same thoughts by most who are going now. That prix fixe pricing is just - yes, I’ll go there - out of this world outrageous. To think it’s just a shade less than Cali Grill is horrifying. What do they think they are offering that is remotely close?? Have told my family - if you have your hearts set on it, we’ll go lounge-side. But I will NOT pay those prices for that sub-par experience.


I ignored Ohana reports because I was craving wings and bread pudding so badly, and my SO had never been. My SO actually kind of liked everything, despite being rushed. But as a repeat customer, it has definitely gone down hill from recent experiences. I would take your DD there just for them…enjoy the dinner, and then never go again lol. Way too many options out there.

We waited 60 minutes for Space 220 bar…which ate a good chunk of time out of our day. But pretty cool elevator ride and decent views inside. The bar/lounge offered a great apps menu.

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It’s completely not on MY radar that’s for sure LOL. So many places I want to go…

Yeah my sis and I enjoyed that last month. But even so the short rib sliders lacked flavor, and I’m not sure how braised meat is not flavorful. The drinks were good though. For sure.

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What?!? We go there a lot and are always happy, no surprises :wink: :joy: It’s a family favorite, especially the brussel sprouts.


And this is one reason why I won’t return to Pop anytime soon. I have never done well in any type of sky box contraption thingies. I will try it once at WDW but I have a feeling that will be it. I’m claustriphobic, I do not do well with heights and it goes over water. I have a phobia of water I can’t see through.


We got the sprouts, they were great! It was a surprise because it wasn’t planned to go there. We were just hungry and this place didn’t need ADR


Thanks for your complete and concise summary! Sorry about the crowds. I guess this is the new normal for now. Tough for those of us who used to enjoy some non-busy times. I have also observed a shift in some peoples’ behavior patterns (not all, but some) in the parks over the years. I dread the crowds for our March trip. Glad you had some enjoyable experiences though! Thanks again for the wrap-up!


Overall, TP was fairly accurate and I built my trip around their crowd calendar. That HS day was completely off, though. If I knew it was going to be a level 8, I would have done some re-arranging.


Thank you for your feedback!

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I’m pretty sure it checks all those boxes. DS was excited to try and swore he will never step foot on them again. We were just trying to get from HS to Epcot. I almost called an Uber at the last transfer point, it was that bad.

I understand wanting to do it once, but it really did a number on my kid. :pensive:


Actually I do not want to do it even once! But DH wanted to on the last trip and we didn’t so I will suck it up… after drinking my way through Epcot :joy: