Trip Report - 10 days, 4 lightsabers, and too many Mickey Bars to count

I’ve enjoyed reading trip reports so much as a way to get excited for upcoming trips and keep the magic going after returning, so now it’s time to pay it back and do one of my own!

The facts:

What: A family trip to Disney World!

When: February 26 – March 6, 2020

Who: Myself, my husband, and our two sons, B (just turned 6) and W (about to turn 4)

Where: All four parks (we bought a 9 day park ticket, planning to do some half-days and one total rest day), and Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House (rented DVC points from David’s Vacation Club)

Why: Disney magic! We went last year – before that I had been a few times but not since 2001, my husband and kids have never been – and we had so much fun that when we got back I immediately started planning our next trip.

Day One

Our first day dawned bright and early – or rather, it failed to dawn, dark and early, because while the alarm was set for 2:45am, I woke up at 2 and gave up and got out of bed at 2:30. There had been a major storm predicted to arrive this day so I’d been obsessively checking the weather – it looked like light snow was going to be start that morning but the real storm wasn’t coming until the afternoon. We were pretty much already packed so we showered, threw the last things in the suitcases, threw the suitcases in the car, and then carried the kids out in their jammies at 3:30am, hoping they’d sleep all the way to the airport. Obviously once they realized the trip was finally here, they were wide awake and excited. My husband likes to follow airport guidelines to the letter so we were at the check-in desk right at 4:30 (three hours before a flight to the US, don’t you know?) to drop off our bags and get our boarding passes. Security went smoothly, and soon we were at the gate, keeping an anxious eye on the weather – snow was starting to fall. Some Starbucks, some iPad time, some “I’m SO BORED when can we get on the plane?!?”, and it was time to board, find our seats, go through de-icing, and take off!

Happily Toronto to Orlando is only about a three hour flight, so before long we were on the ground and on our way to the Magical Express. Checked in just after a family who made the unpleasant discovery that they had put the address labels on their suitcases instead of the yellow tags, and therefore they’d have to backtrack to baggage claim – they weren’t too happy about that. We were the first ones in the AKL queue, never a good sign – we waited about 40 minutes for our bus, and made a stop at Coronado Springs, arriving at the hotel around noon. While on the bus I’d gotten our room ready text, which was pretty exciting, but since they don’t ship Magic Bands to Canadians we still had to stop at the desk to pick those up, and while there I confirmed that we’d gotten the partial Savannah view we’d asked for. Our plans for the day included swimming and some time at Animal Kingdom so we headed up to the room to get changed (we could see giraffes from our balcony! So cool!), and then went back down to the pool, just as it started to rain. Didn’t deter my kids, though, and it was short lived. I then got a call that the stroller we’d rented was being delivered so I ran up to the lobby to pick up that, then I went to the Mara to get some food, and by the time I’d done all that the kids were tired of swimming and ready to eat and hit up Animal Kingdom.

Side note about the stroller (foreshadowing alert!) – we’d rented from Orlando For Families, before Disney changed their “bell services won’t hold strollers” procedures. A few weeks ago, I’d gotten worried about returning it at the end of our trip since we had a really late flight, checked the confirmation email I’d received, and seen that strollers could be picked up until 5:45pm. Great! That would work perfectly with our plans to be at Hollywood Studios all day, returning to the hotel around 5 for a likely 5:30pm Magical Express! Except when I asked the driver for a 5pm pickup he said his latest window was 2-3pm. Didn’t work so perfectly. I conversed by text with somebody at the company who was very adamant that yes, 2-3pm was their latest pickup, the 5:45pm thing in the confirmation email was not applicable, so we settled on a pickup window of 7-7:30am with a note to come to us first, so we could get a bus over to HS and get a boarding group.

We caught a bus to Animal Kingdom (side note: why isn’t there a walking trail? It’s so close!) but before we could go in we had to activate our tickets at Guest Services (downside to the Canadian resident discount). While I was talking to somebody there B ran over to see me, thought he could get under the rope marking the line space, misjudged, and got knocked down – a big welt over his eyebrow and a big scrape on his elbow. The sweet sweet guest services lady offered a bandaid and free Mickey bars for our whole group, which cheered him up pretty quickly, and she was also able to convert our Navi River FPP, which was about to expire, to an anytime one so that we wouldn’t miss it. Thanks, Caroline at Animal Kingdom!

We grabbed our Mickey bars (four Mickey bars was too much, my husband heroically finished his and most of W’s but couldn’t manage the last bites of mine) and headed over to Navi, with a few stops at Wilderness Explorer stations on the way. My opinion about it hasn’t changed – a little boring, could use some…something, but so cool to look at – I love the part with the big lizards on the leaves overhead. It had started to rain just before we got on and when we got out it was POURING, just pelting down water. Three of us had raincoats but my husband hadn’t wanted to go in on my family matchy-matchy raincoat order so he got pretty wet on the mad dash over to the gift shop to acquire a poncho. Once he was suited up we headed over to meet Mickey and Minnie, where we discovered that this year, W was NOT HAVING IT with characters. He was willing to be next to them, as long as I was holding him, but he was not interested in interacting in the slightest. He’s pretty shy with strangers at first, so we hoped that this was just because it was the first one, and he’d warm up (spoiler alert: nope).

By the time we got out of Mickey’s place the rain had tapered off, so we splashed happily through the puddles to the real highlight of our day, Kilimanjaro Safari. The kids, B especially, are huge animal fans, so they were super excited for this one. The overhead speaker system seemed to be broken – we could faintly hear that the guide was talking but couldn’t hear anything that she was saying – but we still had a great trip around the park, and saw a lot of animals. Only one elephant, though, which disappointed me – we have a membership to a great local zoo so most of the animals we see on a regular basis but our elephants got moved to a warmer climate a few years ago. The cheetahs were out and about, though, which thrilled B because they’re his favourites.

After we safari’d around we had to head back to the buses – a quick trip back to the room for dry shoes/pants, a quick debate about whether to walk or shuttle over to Kidani Village (we voted walk – I always prefer to be in control of my own destiny, we were running late, and didn’t know how long the next shuttle would be) and we were headed to Sanaa for dinner! I had read so much about the bread service that we obviously were ordering that, and then shared a butter chicken/lentil combo. The kids, I believe, shared an order of chicken nuggets that they probably barely touched – we ordered and discarded a LOT of chicken nuggets over the course of the trip. Sorry, chickens! I was kind of kicking myself because I’d meant to ask for a table by the window and forgotten, but it got dark soon enough. After dinner we headed back to the room for bed – it had been a long day, and we had 8am Be Our Guest reservations the next morning.


I love AKL!! Such a perfect resort for kids!! Sounds like y’all had a great first day! Can’t wait to read the rest of your report!


Great report so far!!

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Finally got to read this. Great start. Can’t wait for the next day!


Day Two – Magic Kingdom

In my day-to-day life, I get up at 5. On weekends we get to “sleep in” until 6, because that’s when W wakes up, pretty much always. So when I hear people talking about Rope Drop being too early I laugh, a bit bitterly. All this to say that an 8am Be Our Guest reservation is not a hardship for us to make – we were at the bus stop by 7, caught the first bus over, and were waiting for them to let us in by 7:30. The only problem – it was chilly! I think it was about 9 degrees. The kids had been wearing shorts – luckily we’d brought sweatpants in anticipation of the temperature dropping at night, so they pulled those on, and we jogged around playing to keep warm until they let us in.

We stopped for a family castle pic, and by 7:50 we were in line, and in the castle shortly afterwards. We had ordered a crepes de Cogsworth, a Scrambled Eggs de Maurice, and a Croque Madame to share amongst the four of us, and added an extra mimosa because drinking at breakfast is one of the best parts of vacation. The food was fine – the Croque Madame was the standout. The crepes were cold, to the point that it must have been intentional, which was strange. The scrambled eggs now come shaped like Mickey, is that new? Pretty cute. I wouldn’t pay for Be Our Guest, but on the dining plan and as a way to get into the park early it’s definitely an easy choice for me.

By 8:40 we were out of the castle and in line for Mine Train (there was Early Morning Magic on this day, so no chance at an early ride). B was getting a big whiny about having to wait to go on a ride, but luckily he can always always always be distracted by one thing – wind sprints. “Hey, how long do you think it would take you to run to that pole over there and back? Two minutes, probably? Nobody in the world could ever do it faster than that.” Once we’d exhausted that we did skipping, galloping, jumping, and hopping, and then they opened up the line and we were off.

The Mine Train line is ENORMOUS! It felt like it took us ten minutes to just walk through the queue, it blows my mind that for most of the day that whole space is packed with people. It was W’s first time on Mine Train (last year he was too short) and his first rollercoaster ever (last year he fell asleep in the lineup for Barnstormer) so I was a bit worried, but needlessly – he loved it. Grins and shrieks and laughter the whole way. He even put his arms up in the air.

From there we headed to meet Ariel – yep, W still hasn’t warmed up to characters – and then did Under the Sea. We were ahead of schedule so I thought we could get a ride on Dumbo in before heading over to Meet Gaston – the Lines app said it would be a 9 minute wait – but when we got over there it quickly became apparently that it would be way longer, and having been burned on Dumbo last year (touring plan said 7 minutes, actually took 35) we bailed and headed to Gaston. It was only 9:40 so my husband started the line while I took the kids to look at Gaston’s Tavern and the gift shop – mistake, they promptly wanted to buy swords. We had given them a budget for souvenirs for the trip but I didn’t want them to spend the rest of the day whacking innocent bystanders with swords, so I promised we’d come back for them and we headed back out to the line.

Just before 10, a cast member appeared and told us that Gaston had been delayed hunting a stag, they didn’t know for how long, and to try back in an hour – a little frustrating since we’d been in the line for 20 minutes by that point, but what can you do? So we headed over to use our FPP for Buzz Lightyear, then took a ride on the Peoplemover, a personal favourite, before heading back to Fantasyland to use our next FPP on Winnie the Pooh – luckily this year W wasn’t terrified of the Heffalumps and Woozles. We noticed a line had formed at the Gaston meet so I checked and they said he was on his way so we jumped in there and met him – a bit of a letdown, we had a much better experience last year, but I think it was on us because the kids were so shy. Also while we were in that line my husband took the boys back to the shop to buy the swords they wanted so desperately, figuring at least these ones were foam – last year they chose giant hard plastic Pirates of the Caribbean ones, and all of our shins took a beating. The plan next called for Dumbo but it was advertised as a 50 minute wait and Lines said 41, so we opted to skip it and headed for PhilharMagic and then lunch at the Columbia Harbour House. I had been sure that there was a nuggets and breaded fish combo, but looking at the mobile ordering it wasn’t listed (and I just checked the menu and it IS listed there, so who knows what’s going on with that?) so we got chicken nuggets, figuring the boys could share with us, and a lobster roll. The food was good, it was easy to find a seat – I would definitely eat there again in the future. We then used our last FPP on Peter Pan, and while in the line for that I picked up a fourth FPP for It’s A Small World that started right away – I know it’s a controversial opinion, but I love Small World – it’s so cute. Plus, having watched the Imagineering Story on Disney+ I felt like I had a whole new appreciation for the level of detail in the costumes. The sequins! The lace! The tiny shoes! The cactus playing the guitar, which made us all laugh and which I later realized was also on my Magic Band! I love it.

Next we headed over to meet Stitch, which the boys had really loved last year. W had eaten all the popcorn out of the bucket but stubbornly refused to put the bucket down and Stitch had a lot of fun with that, sticking his hand in the bucket, etc – it was pretty cute. We had planned to then do the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor but it was almost 2:30 so thought it might be smarter to go stake out a spot on the parade route – husband took the boys to do that while I headed over to get some Dole Whips. Aloha Isle was MOBBED and mobile ordering took forever – I was getting increasingly panicked “Where are you??!!” texts from my husband. It didn’t help that there was a line of about 20 people at the mobile ordering pick-up counter, none of whom had actually gotten their “your order is ready” text, so they were just making things crowded and confusing. Finally got my dole whip and dole whip float (after getting my ready alert and moving up the line via a series of of “Is your order ready? No? Ok, is YOUR order ready?”) and speedwalked over to the spot my family had found.

The parade is so great, we all just love it – it’s a highlight of every MK day, especially Maleficent. I think it really exemplifies the Disney experience – it’s just so much spectacle and so so so happy.

While I was hanging out around Aloha Isle I had picked up another FPP for Enchanted Tales with Belle, so we headed over for that – it was cute, but with two kids who desperately did NOT want to be involved it was a little flat. The effects were very cool, though, especially Lumiere, and the enticement of a free bookmark was enough to convince both kids to pose in a photo with Belle.

We didn’t really feel like we had enough time to do anything before our 4:50 Be Our Guest dinner reservation (W went through a serious Beauty and the Beast phase, and one of his main requests for this trip was to meet the Beast) so we just bummed around Fantasyland, split a LeFou’s Brew (ew! I liked the foam but the actual beverage was pretty terrible, I’m not sure marshmallows and apples were meant to be combined – it mostly went in the garbage) and had sword fights until our check-in time.

I don’t know what I had expected but somehow I had expected the restaurant to be fancier for dinner? But it looked pretty much the same (which…duh, I guess). The food was really good, though – my French onion soup was 70% cheese (not a complaint), my husband really enjoyed his tuna, and my filet mignon was delicious. W had the beef tenderloin, which he really really liked, and the Dessert Trio was a hit with everybody – the grey stuff really IS delicious, and painting the little cups was adorable and also occupied the kids for a good few minutes. After that we headed up to meet the Beast, which….yikes. I had somehow thought they were staggering this, or something, but it took us about 45 minutes to make our way through the line. I was very frustrated – there has to be a better way, staggering when they send people up, or something. He was also so big that W, who was the whole reason we were there, was scared of him (clearly not a fault of Disney, just….sigh). They did have a cute interaction where W told him that the suits of armor who were supposed to be guarding the castle were sleeping, and the Beast threw up his hands in exasperation. I just wish that had been better organized, or communicated, or we had realized and done what it seemed like everybody else in the line had done and sent one person up to wait. Oh well.

We had gotten FPPs for the Tomorrowland Speedway for after dinner but they had expired while we waited to meet the Beast and it was getting late so we figured instead we’d just head to the Hub and stake out some spots for the fireworks. Once we got there we found a good space and realized W had fallen asleep in the stroller, so B and I left the other two there and went over, explained the situation, and the cast member let us ride. Wow, that ride is not great! The wait was incredibly noisy and our car was incredibly slow – I think there was a problem with it, it didn’t seem to respond to the steering, cars on the other track were zooming by us, and everybody on our track was lined up behind us bumper to bumper – sorry, fellow drivers! We then headed back to the rest of the family to enjoy the fireworks – or at least three of us did, no amount of work would wake up W, who was completely out. The fireworks were wonderful – Tinkerbell flying really is just the most magical thing! We just missed a bus once we made it out to the station, but another one came along a few minutes later. B had also fallen asleep on the walk to the front so I carried two sleeping kids onto the bus while my husband wrangled the stroller and bags and we got everybody tucked in, figuring that a day of no baths or teeth brushing wouldn’t hurt them.


I loved, loved , loved your report, great pictures and details, thanks

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We did mobile ordering at Aloha Isle, and the CM there told us that we just had to bring the order number up to the front - it doesn’t switch to ‘your order is ready’ because they don’t want to leave the ice cream up to melt. The switch happens at 20-30 min when Disney thinks you’re not showing up anymore and just charges you anyways. Did anyone else have this experience?

No, I got the “your order is ready” message. When you go up to the front and give them the number they then dispense your dole whip(s) – they are not already dispensed and waiting for you.

Right there. This photo reminds me of all those happy “inconsequential” moments, where nothing whiz-bang was going on but I still had a huge grin on my face, I had at Disney when I was a kid and forever cemented disney as the place to be.

Awesome trip is awesome.

As far as the dole whip thing, yeah it definitely caught me off guard that my food was only prepared once I was “at the counter.” I’m used to a sandwich shop here at home where it’s being made while I go pay and shop for other stuff and I pick up the prepared product afterward.


your boys are adorable. Enjoy them. Life happens at such a rapid pace! :heart:


This was my experience too - I assume that the mobile ordering just replaces the approximate time you would spend in line instead of saving you any time, and then when you get up there they make your order.


I once waited in line for 20 minutes for a Dole Whip – that’s why I started mobile ordering instead!

Same thing happened to me 2 days ago. The line for mobile order was so long it would have been quicker to go into the regular line. Its seems to be starting to be an issue that more people are aware of and take advantage of mobile order it is not saving as much time.

Also went to Pecos Bill with a mobile order. As I was on line for to pick up my food I watched the line next to me and saw 6 people order and get their food as I stood waiting.

I found that a lot, mobile ordering took longer than regular would have. We mobile ordered lunch at the Mara at AKL and it took more than half an hour, there was literally nobody in line by the time our food was ready.

Wow. Good to know

I think the problem is the mobile order is now under staffed. In every instance it was just 1 cast member working the mobile order line. And I say line because instead of calling you when it is ready like they did in the past they wait till you get to the counter then get your food. Don’t get me wrong, that cast member was always working hard they were just overwhelmed. Disney needs to take another look at mobile order and find a better way.

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Oh, something I forgot to mention from our Magic Kingdom day! We exited the Stitch meet into a courtyard strung with “line ropes”, and my son who loves to run took off and made a left into what seemed to be the exit, failing to notice the rope strung across it - another flip up in the air, another bloody elbow. That is a confusing exit! We had to go back into some doors marked cast members only, and through a few hallways - it seemed needlessly complicated.

Day 3 – Epcot

Another day where we found ourselves at the bus at 7am – we were the only people on the bus today, apparently there isn’t a huge demand for early morning Epcot transit! We got to the main gates at about 7:30 and there were only two other families there. By 7:55 a “crowd” had formed, and we were loosely lined up in front of the entrances, when somebody came out and said that only the four left ones would be opening. People rushed to realign themselves, and then realized they’d miscounted and rushed back, and it was a bit of chaos for nothing, really, since there were not actually that many people there. I was surprised that they hadn’t opened earlier, but at 8 they started letting everybody in and we were off towards Garden Grill.

People haven’t been joking about what a maze of walls it is at the front! This was our first time ever going through the main gates – on our last trip we stayed at Beach Club and so always used the International Gates entrance – and it felt a little like being in the Maze Runner, trying to follow the signs. We got through to the Land pavilion, though, checked in, and a few minutes later were being led to our table. I was disappointed, since we had an 8am reservation and were one of the first parties seated, to be on a table on the upper level – I had hoped to be on the lower level so we could see into Living with the Land. I should have asked, I debated asking, I didn’t ask, I’m full of regrets. Lesson learned. Mickey showed up at our table pretty much immediately, followed right after by the food and then Pluto (I have a photo of Mickey hugging an unwilling W at 8:08 in front of an empty table, and then Pluto posing at 8:12 in front of a table laden with food).

Then things got a bit complicated – W said he had to go to the bathroom, we could see the chipmunks working their way around but when you gotta go you gotta go, so I rushed him over, rushed him back, and……he missed Dale. My husband said that he’d mentioned that we were missing somebody and Dale gestured that he’d come back. Excellent! We set about eating (the sticky buns are the stuff dreams are made of, I don’t know why I bothered with anything other than them, but the salsa was also really delicious). W said he had to go to the bathroom again! He and my husband rushed over there! They missed Dale a second time! Also during this time B swallowed something wrong and spent a while coughing, leaving him with a red face and teary eyes. Then Mickey came by and got very very worried that he was sad, and spent several minutes trying to cheer him up with hugs and kisses – those characters really go above and beyond sometimes, it was so cute.

Mickey actually stopped by a third time before we finally saw Chip and then, a few minutes later, Dale – despite missing Dale twice we’d seen all the characters (some multiple times) by 8:45. B and I then headed downstairs to rope drop Soarin’ while my husband and W (too short for Soarin’) “paid” the bill and headed over to be the only people in history to rope drop Nemo - the cast member offered to let them stay on and ride it again as there was still nobody waiting when they finished their first tour, but they declined.

I LOVED Soarin’! I hadn’t done it before – on our last trip B went with my husband – and I was a bit nervous because I tend to get motion sick, but wow, was it ever wonderful. It was also amazing watching B react to the jump cuts. What a cool ride!

We had planned to meet Ralph and Vanellope next but the kids agreed that they didn’t care about it, so we did Living with the Land, which turned into a surprise hit as the family competed to spot the most hidden Mickeys. Next we did the Short Film Festival, which was shockingly enjoyable with the first film really making the most of the 3D concept and the second, Piper, and third, Feast, being just completely charming and adorable. My husband then wanted Starbucks (and, I think, wanted to not ride Nemo for the second time in an hour) so he headed off to score a coffee while the boys and I used our (pretty unnecessary) FPP for The Seas with Nemo and Friends and then a wander around the aquarium. They also had some cool butterfly art on some of the walls which the boys were fans of.

Next up was Spaceship Earth, which really does nothing for me, and then we split up for B and I to do Test Track (another first that we both really loved and B, who’s super-competitive, was very excited that our car won three out of the four tests and wished audibly that there had been a trophy awarded) and W and my husband to do Frozen Ever After. We regrouped at Mexico to meet Sombrero Donald and ride the Three Caballeros.

The plan had been to grab some lunch at La Cantina de San Angel but nobody was really hungry, and B was agitating to go back to the hotel and swim (a theme of this trip), an idea W shot down preferring to stay and “ride rides”, so we split up – B and husband headed back to AKL for a chilly dip in the pool (it was in the 50s, I was wearing a hoodie!) while W and I stayed and spent the next few hours riding Figment, Living with the Land, Nemo, and Spaceship Earth (I know they’re not hard gets but I was pretty proud of my find/modify game during this afternoon), eating popcorn and ice cream, and generally having a blast – it was nice to be able to do whatever little brother wanted for a change, since a lot of his trips end up being “you’re too short for X ride, so we’ll just find you something to do while you wait”, and since this was time I’d planned to tour World Showcase and we clearly weren’t going to do that (….sigh) it was easy enough to spent 15 minutes letting him try on various ears if that’s what he wanted to do.

The family reunited around 4:30, at which point W was very very excited to get to play tour guide and take his dad and brother on Figment, his new favourite ride. We then headed over to the World Showcase (me bemoaning my carefully timed plan to have the kids watch Serveur Amusante while one adult waited in the line to meet Belle – the best laid plans!) where I soothed my “but my TOURING PLAN!” pain with a Grey Goose citron slush (and, truth be told, a not-insignificant portion of my husband’s Grand Marnier slush). The kids then pointed out that we hadn’t actually fed them lunch, apparently popcorn and ice cream bars don’t count, so we grabbed a fish and chips from the UK (they don’t have a kids menu as such, they just have an adult portion that they’ll use a kid credit for) and the kids refused to eat that while we listened to the band. I had planned to get some food from Tangierine Café and La Cantina but the only thing the kids would consider eating at that point was hot dogs, so we headed to Germany (also no kids menu, also willing to charge an adult portion as a kids meal) and by the time we ate their buns and side dishes (strudel and mac and cheese, mmmm!) we were pretty full and it was getting towards 8pm, so we headed back to the front to grab a bus “home”.

Once back at the hotel my husband went to put the kids in bed (“to bed” would imply that they weren’t both already asleep – we got very smooth at the ‘I sit on the bus with two sleeping kids while my husband unloads the stroller and bags, then he gets back on once everybody else has gotten off and we each de-bus a sleeping child’ routine) while I went to the front desk hoping they could help me with a fastpass issue.

During the great Hollywood Studios FPP Meltdown of 2020 we had acquired, among our other myriad of anytime fastpasses, two (my husband and B) good for March 1-14 that would allow the bearer onto Millennium Falcon, two (my husband and W) good for March 1 that would allow the bearer onto Slinky Dog, and two (me and W) good for March 6 that would allow the bearer onto Slinky Dog. I was hoping they would a) add two of the Millennium Falcon ones so we could all go together and b) combine the Slinky Dog ones onto the same day so we could all go together. It took some explaining, but once she got what I was saying the cast member told me that she personally couldn’t help me, but she checked with the duty manager and she said she would, and that they’d do it the next day. Great, all wrapped up, off to bed.


This made me literally LOL! My life exactly! Even the fact that they’d been eating all day then declared they haven’t had lunch! Been there! We are doing a dessert party (maybe 2) and I’ve already explained to my boys that dessert will be for dinner that night. Otherwise, at bedtime, they’d be like “hey, you didn’t give us dinner” :joy:

We’re heading down in May for our first trip. My boys are 7 & 5. I’m really enjoying reading about your trip and how the balance between plans and reality unfolds. I’m also now about to google Garden Grill upper & lower level…I didn’t know that was a thing…

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How did you like beach club? We are hoping to rent points for BCV for our next trip but I know that’s dicey… but the rack rates at the regular rooms have me a little :grimacing:. But we fell in love with the ambiance at Yacht club and DS wants to move into stormalong bay (Hey buddy, Poly had a slide too, ya know)

Also, we ended up with an anytime MFSR and anytime anything but MMRR/SDD for our HS day… we ended up just using the anything but on RNRC, which was fun.