Trip Planning Re-adjustment

This sounds bad, but I’m glad you all got sick now instead of closer to the trip! :upside_down_face:
I may pick your brain after about the testing at the airport. We will need to do it too if our May trip holds, and the airport test seemed like the most efficient of the options available (without a car and not wanting to waste half a day of a four day trip).

My DH’s ticket was on his MB and showing in MDE but he couldn’t scan in at the gate (AK last Sunday) we were told to go to the ticket counter and show FL res proof to activated it. I told my DH to get a card/ticket too. If we were at DL they would have verified and activated at the gate. No big deal due to low crowds.

Oh it wasn’t bad.

Sure, no problem!

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Ah, nothing is perfect for sure!

That’s the truth. I had totally forgot about the FL res proof needed. :woman_facepalming:

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Just wanted to post this here for others:

It’s always been a challenge to make touring plans for the rope droppers. Soon, you will be able to start your plan 30 minutes before official park open. This will be a great help, hoping I can use this new tool for my trip.


An update on the testing. We all assumed that even though we had covid in January, PA’s strict traveling rules apply to everyone. I asked DW to double check with her school (she is a teacher) that she does indeed need to show a negative test to return to work right away.

The school health and safety officials were not 100% sure (surprised this situation hadn’t happened before) so they contacted the DOH. They said that you do not need to show a negative test if you had covid within 90 days. I was pleasantly surprised that there is some common sense in the world!

Now, there is a chance that we get our DS tested. He was not confirmed to have covid like the rest of the family. He only goes 2 days a week in person to school so not a huge deal if he just quarantines.


The forecast isn’t too shabby…:sunglasses:

Updated schedule:

Sunday 2/28 Animal Kingdom
Yak & Yeti 10:45 ADR
Rainforest Café 4:45 ADR

Monday 3/1 Hollywood Studios
Ale & Compass 7:05 ADR
Oga’s Cantina 11:20 ADR
50’s Prime Time 4:55 ADR

Tuesday 3/4 Volcano Bay Water Park
Feasting Frog Lunch
Bubba Gump Dinner at CityWalk

Wednesday 3/2 IOA am USF pm
Lunch at Fast Food Blvd
Toothsome Chocolate Dinner

Thursday 3/3 USF am IOA pm to Disney Springs
Leaky Cauldron Breakfast (brunch)
Homecomin’ 5:40 ADR

Friday 3/5 UOR to Epcot (Flower & Garden)
Breakfast at Cinnabon in CityWalk
UOR request morning
Moe’s for lunch at CityWalk
Regal Eagle Dinner at Epcot

Saturday 3/6 Hollywood Studios
Ale & Compass 7:05 ADR
Request morning
Sci-Fi 12:35 ADR
Resort pool PM?

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday are interchangeable. As of now, Tuesday is the warmest day for VB. I have a back up Homecomin 5:30 ADR for Wednesday, so will be dropping one of them.


Looks fabulous. Perfect weather too.

We were supposed to be at WDW that week too. Cancelled b/c we aren’t vaccinated yet, but I’m hopeful that our rescheduled trip in a few months will actually happen.

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Sorry you had to reschedule, it’s not fun planning and then not knowing for sure what will happen.

Definitely. I just keep trying to shift my optimism to the next trip. :slight_smile:

This is hardcore!
No rest days? I’m exhausted LOL

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Looks fun, but I agree with @OBNurseNH, you’re going to need a vacation to recover from your vacation! But that’s how we do it too. If you don’t come home exhausted, you’re not doing it right!

So close! Have all the fun and hope we get to follow along!

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Nope, but we don’t plan on staying out after dinner.

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Wait… when is a Disney vacation a vacation? I always need a vacation after a week at the world. When we stay on property it’s always go! Go! Go!
Have all the fun @bebe80 !


That does make a bit of a difference.

We did 7 straight days 3 years ago and it wasn’t too bad! We’ve been making an effort to stay in shape this winter, which is harder because of the weather.


Good for you! My shape has changed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face: thanks covid isolation :rofl:


Finished my personalized touring plans:


Looks like a packed fun trip.,which leads me to believe there will be no time for a live trip report. I kid…I kid. It will be great!

ETA: Your personalized touring plans are AMAZING!!!

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