Trip planning is *complicated*

It’s as well I’ve got a degree in mathematics, because WDW trip planning can get insanely complicated.

Because of various priorities I’m trying to satisfy, I’ve had to come up with a system for my FPP reservation windows as they open, one day at a time.

After an afternoon’s solid work, I now have three pathways through seven options — all depending on whether or not I can get an FPP for FOP, and on what day. I basically have two shots at getting one. If I fail, I have my VIP trip which covers FOP. If I succeed, I’ll cancel my VIP trip and save a bundle of cash.

To cover all the possibilities, I’ve had to make six ADRs, of which I’ll only hold on to two. (Don’t worry. I’ll release the other four within a week or so.)

My spreadsheet has ballooned in size in order to take all the possibilities into account.


I believe that is what is known in mathematics as exponential growth, not “ballooning”. Seriously, I thought as a mathematician, you’d know that.


Quantum planning - all possible ADRs and FPPs are booked. Only when you observe them do you have a discrete set of reservations. :smiley:


Have you added in the possibility of getting the Slinky coaster? Where is that in your priority list?

I’m an educator. I was simplifying.

My DHS day is pretty much fixed. So it’s not directly related to the FOP issue — my AK days are all before TSL opens.

That being said, I’m giving myself three windows to try to get either an FPP for either SDD or TSMM and (easier, I assume) access to TSL. If I fail, I’m willing to get in line for TSMM, but not for SDD — that can wait till next year. I’m not bothered about ASS. Ahem.


I have been having a hard enough time deciding what days to plan things for. I hadn’t put any thought into backup planning for FP+ issues. I’m not sure whether I should think of your complicated plans as genius I should copy or illness I should avoid like the plague…


Illness. No question.


Oh, you’re saying we’re all thick then?

Well, charming! After all the help,we’ve given you this last year.

And, since your birthday is over I can be mean to you, if you’re going to be mean to us.

(Ignore the fact I work with kids every day for the moment, and should therefore be above that kind of tit-for-tat)


Not all of you. Ahem.




Fine. Be like that.


As my students will tell you, the meaner I am to someone, the more I like them.

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So mature.

Like boys on the playground taunting little girls.

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Yeah…and I’m beginning to think Matt has a “thing” for me…


Oh, that’s obvious. Both. :smiley: :joy:

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Can I just say that I feel like my DH and I are a little crazy for this…we decided not to do FOP. I believe my exact words were “do you want me to be overwhelmed and regress to being 5 years old complete with throwing a tantrum on the floor”. I feel for everyone trying to get on that ride