Trip planning and rabbit holes

Just wondering, am I the only one who sits down to the computer to plan their WDW trip with the intention of creating my touring plans, tweaking ADR’s, etc. only to find that hours have passed and no planning has happened?

This happens to me all of the time. I start reading trip reports, looking at menus, reading through threads, going down various internet rabbit holes and nothing has happened for my own trip! I’m just curious if I’m the only one who has this problem…

Please tell me I’m not alone!


Can’t say that I’ve heard of that problem before - the problem that most people here have is that they can’t stop planning :wink:


You are not alone! I chalk up the time to spent improving our Disney education! Even my Disney loving friends are looking at me a bit crazy these days when I start speaking in Disney-ese. How can they not know what a TH ROL dinner package is?! I even use the words and not abbreviations!

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Entire DAYS.

'Nuf said.

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Yep, entire days! So glad I’m not alone. And it’s so hard to talk about it with other people…they don’t understand. Especially when I told them that I had to be up at 3:30 so I could make my FPP reservations.

But, it’s all good. I enjoy the entire days I spend “planning.” :slight_smile:

You are not alone…

Ha! Yep! Everyday!

With all of my screen time, I have the pallor of a midwinter albino bunny.


Same! ETA: This was supposed to be in response to OP!

You’re not alone.
But, when you create your tp, you’ll be WELL informed. It’ll be pretty simple. You’ll know what to re-arrange after the software spits out it’s optimized plan. You’ll also know how to attack a pitfall in your plans if needed. You’ll also be all smiles when you are on your trip - walking right past the families huddled over a crinkled up map, or trying to decide where to eat, or how to find a spot for fireworks, etc.

These vacations cost far too much money for “winging it” in my opinion. I try to PLAN the spontaneity, even.

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Ha! I feel like I have to read EVERYTHING before I start. Who knows what gem might be lurking that will make the next trip the best yet…


Absolutely! This happens every single time I sit down to plan. I’m hoping that building that “Disney knowledge” is going to help me in the long run.

I wish I had done more of that. I’m happy with my plans but I booked my ADRs before I’d done nearly enough research. There’s a few things I would have changed. You’ll be very well prepared when you do start the plans.

You are not alone, I have been taking out all my planning stuff for the past few weeks and so far I have printed off crowd predictions & estimated park hours. I actually put all the stuff into a binder yesterday to keep it together. My desk at works looks like Disney exploded on it.

Doesn’t help I am helping my Sister in law for her trip over July 4th, and we are doing a quick Disneyland Trip in August…

I have a couple weeks left before our ADR window opens, I wish Disney would release hours at 190 days early so we would know park hours before we book our reservations… But then again the hours get changed anyways :laughing: