Trip planned for end of Jan 2020, should I buy tickets now or wait closer?

Looking at Tickets are work and they have a buy 2 get a 3rd day free ticket. Was considering buying but wonder if I should wait to get our park tix closer to our trip time which is end of Jan. 2020 in case Disney runs a discount or package deal or something. Ideas?

Before deciding, I would look closely at the expiration date on the discounted tickets. They most likely will expire mid-Jan 2020 at the latest. And while Disney will always let you exchange expired tickets and apply their value towards whatever the price of the ticket was when you did go, it may be an extra hassle & visit to the ticket booths to do that exchange. Disney doesn’t usually run too many fabulous ticket discounts though, your best bets for finding Disneyland tickets at a discount are Getaway Today, Undercover Tourist and Ares Travel.

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Thank you!