Trip plan thrown into chaos

OMG! I have worried enough about making this Sr. Trip something special and planning for a group of 5. Now NEW worries!!
My husband has a teen that he still treats as his own, from a previous marriage, and a grown son that is out living his 20-something independence. We specifically sat them both down in July and asked them if they wanted to go on the trip with us, explaining we were making reservations and needed to be able to have a firm number on people going. Both of them told us no, they were not interested.
So, we planned for a family of 5, made down-payments, ADR’s are complete, continuing to pay on the trip.
NOW, our son says he wants to go! Well, actually, he just looked at our calendar and told us he was submitting his time off to go to Disney. Cue the internal panic and the smiling mask that was hiding the pure fear of being the one to tell him no. But, GREAT, because he doesn’t typically choose to do a lot with us as a family. Not drama related, just 20-something single guy that is currently more interested in doing his own thing.
Anyone with prior experience on trip changes? We have been working with a travel agent, and I have emailed her. Just looking for others that have experienced changes mid-plan. Is changing resorts and adjusting ADR’s going to be a big headache?
Original plans: May 27-June 3; CBR 5th sleeper, 2 parents, 18DD, 11DS, 9DD; Dining Plan
New Possible: May 27-June 3; ???, 2 parents, 23DS, 18DD, 11DS, 9DD; Dining Plan

Two value rooms or maybe a FW cabin?

While this has got to be frustrating, this is the reason to you hired a TA. Just drop it all on them and they’ll handle it. With it being a holiday week, your TA may be busy with clients at the parks or on vacation themselves. Give it a couple days - especially since your trip isn’t until almost June. I’m sure you’ll hear back & it’ll all get sorted out.


I would reach out to the TA this week. I am hearing rumors of new discounts dropping next week. You might want her looking at your issues as soon as possible and new discounts usually cause chaos for TAs (at least for a couple of days).


I’d look at renting DVC and getting two rooms. It should cost less than getting a second room at CBR depending on which one you choose. For instance, see if there is any space at Boardwalk. If you have to get a second you can put all the kids in one room and have a quiet adult space for you and hubby.

We were able to get a 6 person room at Beach Club. In case that helps. It was cheaper than 2 rooms, even though the January discounts didn’t apply to it. Good luck! Totally worth it to engage him but I’m sure that’s stressful.

The majority of people truly don’t understand the kind of advance planning that goes into a Disney vacation, even if they are told. It seems like they don’t really absorb that info. I hope that adding the new person to your group goes smoothly. At least you found out now and not a few days before the trip.


I hope you’re able to make all the changes easily! I’m afraid our family is going to do this to me too, but we’re staying off site so we won’t be able to change accommodations. I don’t know if we’ll have any ADRs but I was considering over estimating my number for that just in case.

Just my two cents: for whatever reason, you might not be able to modify all of the ADRs now, but things usually open up as you get closer to the date. Also, part of me thinks that 5 people and 6 people would have the same table size so even if you can’t change it the restaurant probably won’t care, but I’m not positive.

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Is telling them no a possibility? They were given the opportunity, they said no, you made plans. You can’t now be expected to manipulate your plans to fit them in.

With a group of that size, I would need multiple bathrooms.

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I’m sure you mean to reach out and collaborate with the TA to trouble-shoot this development :wink:

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I kind of like this. Though I don’t think I’d flat out say no. I would be very clear, however, that we asked and you declined and that while we will TRY to see if we can make this happen now, there’s no guarantee. They are old enough to get that, I think.

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We did, very directly, tell him, that we would contact the TA and try to make it happen, but we could not guarantee that we could make it happen. And we pointed out that we asked way in advance while explaining why we needed such advance notice. He seemed to just take that with a shrug, so it very possible that if a “no” were to happen, he wouldn’t be too expressive in disappointment, if have any disappointment at all.
Really, this is me being more worried (and adding stress to myself) about including everyone and making a rare trip a special thing for the Grad as well as for the 1st timers. I was just curious about others experiences in changing reservations after all the initial work had been processed.

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That’s totally how I would read that too.