Trip plan - how does this look?

Hi everyone!

We will be staying at POFQ 5th-19th August with free dining. First onsite trip, and first with FPP and ADRs, though we’ve had 3 previous trips. It will be me, DH (using an ECV for the first time - it is a trip of firsts!) and DS11.

I have tried to plan out our days and would appreciate any opinions. We’re coming from the UK so the time difference has us up early, and we’re typically RD to close people though I have put in breaks this year in case DH needs them.

Fri 5th - arrive at POFQ 5pm approx barring delays. Relaxing evening, CS dinner.
Sat 6th - EP all day with a break. We need to pick up our rental car at DTD during the break so lunch could be at EP, POFQ or DTD. Dinner at Biergarten.
Sun 7th - EMH at HS, CS lunch before we leave for a break. Dinner at 1900PF followed by the evening at MK.
Mon 8th - no park in the morning, we may hang out at the resort. CS lunch either POFQ or HS where we will spend the afternoon and evening. Dinner at H&V (F! package).
Tues 9th/Weds 10th - heading to HRH for overnight stay at UOR. Possibly late ADR at Boatwrights when we get back (would we need an ADR? How late is it open?)
Thurs 11th - MK all day with a midday break. Pre RD CP breakfast, CS lunch, Dinner at BOG.
Fri 12th - Possibly a water park day, followed by dinner at Raglan Rd.
Sat 13th - another UOR day.
Sun 14th - AK all day with no break. Brunch at Tusker House, dinner at Boma.
Mon 15th - EP - maybe a late break. Planning to mainly snack and also go to B&C for a Kitchen Sink. Dinner at Yachtsman.
Tues 16th - MK morning. Lunch at LTT. Afternoon maybe at DTD with CS dinner, maybe at Puck Express.
Weds 17th - last UOR day, dinner on way back at Paradiso 37.
Thurs 18th - HS all day with a break. CS lunch, dinner at Sci Fi.
Fri 19th - no plans. ME pickup 4.45pm approx.
Note - we will have to drop the car off at some point at DTD between 9-5. Not sure whether it would be better to have it on the last day or get it out of the way the day before.

Any thoughts?

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I am really concerned that you have up to three HS CS meals planned. Have you thought about trying some of the resort CS since you will have a car? I was also wondering about your Boma dinner. What time is that ADR? RoL should be at AK by then so just checking you will make it to that. I think Woldgang Puck Express is a great choice in DS.

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I haven’t actually made my ADRs yet. AK is currently scheduled to close at 5pm, I don’t know how much later it will stay open for RoL… I was planning to book Boma for 7 ish. As for the HS CS meals, I want Starring Rolls and DH/DS want Backlot Express. The 3rd could be anywhere really but going to other resorts seems like it would take a lot of time. But maybe we’ve got time. It’s all going to depend when we get hungry!

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Have you checked into changing your dates for your rental car? Notice you don’t need it till Tues and then again on Sat, then again on Wed. If you only had to rent it for a week it might save you money? Also I was just wondering if their is a particular reason you are doing a universal overnight? Do you also have Disney booking that night? I was just curious cause I’m all about saving money :slight_smile: You might be able to get away with only needing it a week instead of having it for 2 weeks. From the looks of things most of the things you are doing are on site. You could use Disney transportation.

We want the car for the full 2 weeks, we will go to the outlet malls and the supermarkets and drive to the parks a lot of the time. I think without the car at all it was £200 cheaper, so it’s not exactly breaking the bank! We’re staying at Universal because I’ve always wanted to stay at HRH, and for 2 days Express Pass as all our UOR days are CL9. Our POFQ reservation is for the full 2 weeks but to us it’s worth it not to have to pack up everything for the sake of one night. We will just take an overnight bag.

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I am not a fan of any CS at Studios. This is our opinion. We just buy snacks at Animal and Studios. Both have TS that are hit or miss or OK, but QS are worse than ok.

We’ve never had a horrible meal at either of them, maybe nothing special but when I’m eating CS I don’t expect special.

I would choose EP or DTD for your lunch. I did not LOVE the QS food at FQ. It was ok but not great. Just saying I think that you could get a much better meal at EP QS.

That’s just a personal preference.

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Good to know @shanneepantslovesdisney, thanks.

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You are welcome!

I think your plan sounds great. It seems like you know what you and your family like, and that really helps. We did Boma after a day with no breaks at AK and it was one of our favorite days. If they do extend the hours and open River of Lights, you could still easily do the Boma dinner a bit earlier and return.

I totally get staying at UOR one night. The early entry perks are VERY worth it. Maybe look into some of the UOR and City Walk restaurants for those days. There are some great ones, but you don’t have to plan those so early


I have been looking at the City Walk restaurants, no decisions made yet though.

I need to do a plan for AK to see what sort of time we’ll be finished so I can see when would be best for Boma. I hadn’t factored RoL into my planning at all.

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Cool. We all have our own preferences. My family prefers the snack options in these parks better than QS or TS.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the snacks too!