Trip Oct 20-26th, need planning tips

Hi all! New here. My husband and our two daughters (18mos and 4yo at time of trip) will be going to WDW Oct 20th -26th. This isn’t our first trip, but it will be our first using TP. Last year we just walked aimlessly around the parks trying to figure out what to do.:crazy_face:
Anywho, trying to avoid that this year. I’ve already read the guide book for 2019, have our ADRs and our room. We’ll be staying at AKL Kidani Village. We’re probably going to rent a car.

Here are my thoughts right now on what to do on what days:

20th - travel day. Probably no parks. Haven’t bought plane tickets yet
21st - Epcot. Go after nap time in afternoon until close. Late Brunch scheduled in the AM. Pool day.
22nd - MK 9am-6pm, not staying for party.
23rd - MK day 2. Long break back at our room during the day, going back for HEA and parade.
24th - AK Another long day with a break back at our room
25th - Late brunch again in AM. To HS in the evening
26th - Travel day back home. Probably no parks

Ok, here are my concerns about these tentative plans.

  1. Lots of people are saying how awesome MNSSHP is, and my girls really enjoy Halloween. I think this would be fun to do. Do I rearrange things and add it to a day we’re doing a park? Do I make that one of my “park” days and take the morning off?
  2. Is HS just going to be too insanely crowded to even bother with toddlers with SWGE opening? My dh and I aren’t huge SW fans so I wouldn’t be upset waiting until a return trip to see this. I did love TSL and think we’d love to do that again. Nothing else in HS really interests me.
  3. Is just going to Epcot and HS for a few hours in the afternoon wasting money on a full day’s ticket? I just dont want to be insanely tired going full 5 full days straight of parks.

I’m happy to hear any and all suggestions. Like I said, I have my ADR’s, but I still think I can be a little flexible with rearranging a few things if needed.

Welcome! Wow! Kidani- I am so jealous! Do you have the dining plan? I am wondering if you are skipping food and wine?

MNSSHP was pretty boss. Can you go it on your arrival day? Get in, get some lunch, take a nap, settle in, then head to the park?

We’re fairly certain we’re going to add the dining plan. We haven’t gotten it before so want to give it a try. Would definitely make food and wine more fun!

That’s an idea too! Hadnt really considered that.

One extra benefit of that is not having to buy park tickets and a MNSSHP tickets for the same day.

I thought the Halloween party was super crowded. No way would I do it with 2 very young kids unless you are just ridiculously more chill than me. I really miss having fast passes at the parties and did not find rides to be walk ons.

Keep in mind that a MNSSHP ticket does not require a regular park admission ticket AND you can typically enter the park with your MNSSHP ticket at 4:00 PM.

I have personally used an MNSSHP on an arrival day and a “no park” day, and it has worked out well in both cases. NOTE: MNSSHP is not a suitable substitute for a DAH due to the higher attendance at the MNSSHP.

Yeah im definitely not what i would call super chill while out with my kiddos. Especially in large crowds… at night.
Last year we left MK on a party night and the crowds coming in were frightening. I thought my kids were going to be trampled.

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Sorry, what’s a DAH? Haven’t got all the acronyms down yet.

Disney After Hours

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I will be going at a similar time to you and with boys of similar ages and I would not recommend the Halloween party unfortunately. With kids that age you are much better off taking advantage of all the early morning hours that will be available. My boys would be miserable only 1 hour into the actual party and I doubt we would make it to the parade. It is an expensive ticket for them to be melting down or sleeping in the stroller. How did your older daughter do with late nights on your last trip?

Ok, that’s what I’m afraid would happen. Last year we only went to the parks for 4-6 hours per day. We stayed “late” at epcot one night and she did ok, but that was only about until 930p. We all got tired rather quickly, but again it was a lot hotter then and we did a lot of aimless walking haha.

Are you going to HS and braving the SW crowds?

I honestly can’t decide! It’s definitely slotted in our plans and I have Sci-Fi reservations, but I want to wait and see. I really just want to do TSL. My older son will like Lightning McQueen’s racing academy and would like to meet the Incredibles too. But at the same time, none of that is really worth wall to wall crowds.

My husband would like for the two of us to get up at 4am and to SWGE and then have my parents bring the kids over around 7am. We shall see how reasonable that strategy is! Maybe if I can get a SDD FP for late morning.