Trip observations- 4/29 - 5/7

Some of this may not be politically correct, but I have some thoughts on our recent trip. We go to WDW every other year , some of the negative stuff really stood out this time.

The Touring Plans Lines app was really helpful, had a few important questions that were answered quickly.

If you need urgent care , CentraCare was outstanding with my 4yo granddaughter

Crowd calendars are ok but there are crowds, always, especially at MK. The people just keep coming

Bus service was decent, but inconsistent, Disney doesn’t seem to adjust for bigger lines too well. I think they need to do something different with scooter and wheelchair transportation. Once they are loaded and the 5-6 people they travel with are loaded the bus is half full. The people they are traveling with sit in the front seats forcing all the people with strollers and holding kids to run the gauntlet trying to get to the back of the bus. Seems like there is a better way

If you are waiting for a parade or fireworks and there is any sort of empty space in front of you expect a parent to shove there kid in there, no matter they are blocking someone’s view

A 50 year old man will knock your 4 year old out of the way to get to where he’s going 30 seconds quicker. And if it’s exiting the park it’s worse

Good parenting for some stopped at giving their kids clever names. Just some really bad parents out there, seems to be amplified at WDW

People are committed to bad tattoos. WOW

Loved all the Star Wars at HS, can’t wait for SW land to open

If all the ropes aren’t up at a bus stop to form a proper line people will cut. Attach the ropes yourself

Garden Grocer and Kingdom Stollers were great as usual

Used Uber for the first time, great alternative to the buses

Just thought I would share some honest thoughts not trying to offend anyone.


lol I’m not sure how any of this could be misconstrued as offensive.

I could count on a Mickey glove that was missing four fingers how many times I’ve gotten to watch a parade after staking my spot for 45 + minutes without having someone push their children IN THEIR STROLLER in front of me 3 minutes before the parade rolls up.


We found for our line that if the ropes were not set properly people would just line up until the line was outside the queue are and require the intervention of a CM to get them back in an orderly line - even though they were just practicing being in line all frickin day!


I wholeheartedly feel that some have never been taught manners. I have made Emily Posts errors, but some people are just down right clueless. I hope that ill manner people did not ruin your trip. In the world, I say “Have a magical day.” in a way that can only mean -Go $%^& yourself :smirk:


I appreciate your honesty and don’t feel you said anything offensive. Unfortunately behavior like this is becoming more the norm everywhere. Also glad to hear about the positives and hope you had awesome trip!

Thanks everyone, just needed to vent a little. I also hope that some first timers get some realism with their expectations, it’s not like what you see on the commercials. Really can’t wait to go back!

These are exactly the kinds of things I’m trying to “train” myself to stay calm about when we are on vacation. I have been to Disney Word twice, but never as a parent before, and we’re taking our 2 children later this year. I want to do my best to remember how lucky we are to be going on this trip and to try to shrug off these sorts of interactions or at least not let them get to me so much that it affects my mood.

Thanks for the reminder - just because we’re going to a magical place doesn’t mean it’s all going to be wonderful. I must try to think about Mary Poppins whenever someone does something rude. Easier said than done! :slight_smile:

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I agree with you on all points, but I also have to say that I have seen just as many polite people as I have the rude ones. That being said, there used to be a day when more people were polite than not, and so this is sad. BTW, we were there on 5/3 and 5/4.

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Good point, there were some great people and nice conversations, that should be overlooked

I can’t disagree with any point you made. Well, except maybe how you define “bad” tattoos… :slight_smile: