Trip insurance blunder

I opted to get trip insurance when I booked a package for free dining for December through Disney. After much deliberation I decided to go through MVT and cancel my Disney package. But when I called to cancel I was told 14 days had passed from my booking which would now prevent my trip insurance from being refunded. So I guess I am out the $150 I paid for trip insurance.
I am mad at myself for not picking up on the 14 day detail. When I go back and read the fine print it is listed.
I called on day 16. Too bad I didn’t do it two days ago!

Ugh!! What a bummer!!

Trip insurance costs that much?!

through Disney it did. Does that sound like a lot? I was on the phone with a very nice, helpful CM. In the end I had trip insurance, memory maker, and almost signed up for a crazy expensive (but totally cool sounding) add on. For a mere $500 you can have a secret Star Wars mission sent to your room and when you finish following the clues you get the key to open a box with a special gift inside. It’s called star wars rebel adventure. I thought it was for the full family but it is per person. and we have 3 kids!

If it’s for a family, maybe not.

I paid £42 for myself, which includes £10 million of medical cover; £2,500 of cancellation cover and £1,500 of baggage cover. Plus other weird stuff like “return of ashes to UK” (£7,000).