Trip in June 2021...will there be some 50th fanfare?

For awhile now, I have been planning to go to WDW in June of 2015. I was thinking crowds might not be Summer levels yet, weather would be decent, new attractions would be available, and there would probably be some 50th fanfare starting even though the official date wasn’t until October.
How realistic is that now that Covid19 has hit? Any rumors on the 50th celebration?

If I could go back and go in June 2015 I’d be all over that!! :wink: There is no telling how things will be in a year but I’d say hope for the best and prepare to be flexible. I haven’t heard anything about 50th plans.


yes, there will be 50th anniversary fanfare - just might be not the same as the past.

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I can’t say about crowds a year from now. What I can advise is most of the construction projects, rides / eateries / attractions, that were slated to be open 2020 and early 2021 are now several months behind schedule and won’t be available as promised for the 50th.

Plus, Disney is putting some of them on indefinite pause until they recover from the $1 billion + losses they’ve taken during the closures.