Trip in July 21-29

Hi all.
I have a trip planned for our family in July. My wife and I, our 2 boys, their 4 grandparents and the boy’s godmother. (3 adults, 4 seniors, 2 kids).
We have MK reserved for 7/26. It looks like that’s an extended evening hours day.
We’re staying at a VRBO off-site so don’t have extended hours. How does the extended hours impact the evening fireworks at MK?

It doesn’t :slight_smile:

The fireworks typically happen before the park closes. For example, on the furthest Wednesday you can see now, park hours are until 10pm, and HEA shows at 9:20 and extended hours would begin at 10pm when the park closes.


++ @OBNurseNH

Extended hours will not impact HEA. On a side note, early closures (i.e. 6:00 PM) do have an impact.

Looking back historically, on July 21 2022, Enchantment ran an 9:20 PM which coincides with the end of Nautical Twilight for that day. However on December 1 2022 Enchantment did NOT run because Nautical Twilight did not end until 6:23, which was past the 6:00 PM closing time. Its just not dark enough to support fireworks when the park closes at 6:00 PM.