Trip in 7 days, decision fatigue

For what it’s worth, my family LOVES the freedom of wandering.

Our only trip where I had planned every second out felt very rushed and uniform. It wasn’t a vacation, it was just another to-do list. At the end, my DH made me promise I wouldn’t do that to them again.

After that, we fully embraced the “wing-it” mentality. We hop in whatever lines are shortest. We have a 20 minute maximum limit and if the kids want to do something longer, they single rider it while DH and I take turns exploring the area.

I do have a handful of ADR’s I still make them do, but gone are the days of every single second being accounted for. My mood has been significantly better now that I’m not trying to herd cats all over the park and DH and I find we have more chances to have mini dates (like exploring the trains at Epcot or sharing an impromptu snack at Baseline).

We face decision fatigue on a daily basis. For us, vacation is the escape from that. Sleeping in until 11? Sure. Hitting turnstiles at 1? Why not? Kiddo wants Cosmic Ray’s and DH wants Pecos Bill’s for lunch? Of course! I want these to be the memories we have instead of mommy losing her @&$” at daddy over a corn dog.


Though I do go more frequently than every ten years (seems to be about every three right now), I do expect to do “everything,” or the equivalent of, that I did the last trip. I can’t imagine returning from a trip and having done less than the last one. Especially since the price-per-attraction gets more expensive. Being told to have lower expectations for a higher price point doesn’t give me warm fuzzies.

I hope you are pleasantly surprised! I hope you get a few liner-type hacks/suggestions that make your trip extra special.