Trip help! Frozen events, Moms first trip and MNSSHP

I just managed to get a trip planned for this fall break (Oct 2-10). My mom is coming with us and we are staying at my aunt's condo in Cape Canaveral. Most of the trip will be spent at the beach and visiting family, but I am making it to Disney some.
1. Going to mnsshp. This will be Mom's first and maybe only trip to WDW. What should I make sure she experiences to try and get her hooked? PP, BTMRR, Splash, IASW, Pooh, Dumbo are my first thoughts. What am I missing?
2. I don't think she will like the crowds to watch Hallowishes. Where could we go to get a good view without the crushing crowds? How early should I get there?
3. Wanting to do late lunch beforehand in a resort and then snack at the party for dinner. I thought B&C, but can only get ADR for 2. Have 6 people. Any other suggestions for CHEAP lunch that is uniquely themed. Again, trying to get her hooked.
4. This is the week of dd's 5th birthday, so I have thought about the Frozen events at the studios. Are they worth buying 1 day tickets for? I would consider it for just dd and I. Can't imaging spending $600 for all of us to get one day tickets. Should I do it?
5. If I don't do HS, what's everyone's thoughts of A&E during mnsshp? She would really love to meet them.

How fun! I bet the weather will be lovely in early October.

  1. I would add Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, but those 2 are my favorites. Maybe make sure she's ok with thrill ride and getting drenched before scheduling BTMRR or Splash.

  2. I think a lunch at one of the MK area resorts would be nice a and save you travel time. Whispering Canyon Cafe at WL has fun theming. The Wave at Contemporary has good food. Tea or 1900 Park Faire would both make a huge impression, but are more expensive.

Hopefully other Liners will have suggestions for your other questions!

Have you tried to play with the B & C table sizes? If that is out I would look at a CS in one of the monorail resorts. Also, right now I think the Frozen events other than the sing along are scheduled to end at the end of September (but lots of rumors about it being extended again). So, right now you only have tickets for MNSSHP?

Haven't bought tickets yet, but only mnsshp is the plan. We could go on 10/3 or 10/5. 10/3 looks like it will be a significantly slower night. Thinking of not buying until we get there and see the weather. Neither night generally sells out. Unless, it is shown that I can make FPP for 4-7 using a party ticket, in which case I will buy in advance.

I took my mother for the 1st time over Mother's Day and her absolute favorite at MK was watching my dd in ETWB (dd was chosen as beast). Getting her "hooked" just at MK could be hard though if she is anti-crowds. Although my mom loved watching the kids have fun at MK, what got her "hooked" was AK and EP. Her other favorites at MK were PP, BTMR, and JC.

Pretty sure Frozen ends in September unless it gets extended again. No idea what waits will be like for A&E during party but some have reported being able to book FP for before the party starts using only the linked party tickets. Will be interesting to see how they do the standby return tickets for parties or if they do them at all.

Which monorail qs would you suggest?

We will be at MNSSHP 10/5 if you decide on that date!!!!

Awesome!!! It might work out after all!

I will have my minis and my nieces. We'd love to meet you guys if it works out!

I love the food at Captain Cook's but if you want to get her hooked with all the construction I would stick with the Grand Floridian and Gasparilla Grill.

Are the noodles at cc the same as O'hana?

I do not know, every time I have had an ADR for O'hana I have ended up canceling it!

You have to go to O'hana!!!

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I forgot to mention, mom is glutin free and allergic to shell fish. Have heard Disney is very good with allergies. Any choices better than others?

Last year quite by accident we ended up watcging Hallowishes from the carousel / philharmagic area. Pretty cool and not too crowded. Super loud though!!!