Trip booked!

Everything is lined up for next May! Airfare booked, deposit down for AoA for a week… now I just have to wait 10 months lol!!!


That’s awesome! Will you be down around Memorial Day? I plan on being down then and have already booked my room. Just have to wait until January to find out if my PTO request was approved before I can book flights.

:tada: :tada: :tada:

With whom did you book your airfare? that’s really early!

Great!! It’s so good to have a countdown!!

Booked off Expedia.

I read an article that related the results of a study, indicating that on average the prime point to book your flight was 54 days prior to departure (

This past trip (April 26 - May 2, 2015), we booked in late January 2015 (about 80-90 days prior to departure) after monitoring for months, and never saw a better price before or after purchase, so we were pretty happy with the price we paid.

Yesterday, I call up the dates on Expedia purely out of curiosity, not planning at all to book so early, and found a price for our 2016 timeframe that was $100 less than the one we got this year (which as I said was itself a decent price), so I jumped on it. On top of the price, even the times are choice… we can sleep in right to checkout, unlike this past trip where we had to be up super early.

No, a bit earlier, May 8-14, 2016.