Trip Booked- Did I make the right call?

We were torn between first week in October 2020 or first week in October 2021. Due to work/school the week has to be the first week October.

The objective is lower crowds, even if it means new rides are not open yet and/or parks under construction.

2021 is the 50th anniversary, likely the first week in October. And I’ve heard they’re planning big crowds.

So we decided on fall of 2020. This year.

We went to Disney World last year (2019) first week in October and it was awesome. Low crowds and early early morning hours, which we fully took advantage of.

I feel like I made the right call with fall 2020 if the goal is lower crowds.

Did I do the right thing?
Maybe I just have a little buyer’s remorse…

Convince me!

The only thing I can tell you is the crowds might be low because of the extreme heat and humidity. Coarse if you have been there at these times then you already know. The only other thing to take into consideration is MNSSH. They can get to be really crowded but are more so the closer to Halloween you get.

And MK gets really crowded (like CL10 crowded) on the days there are no parties, due to many, many people wanting to go there when it’s not a “half day” and there are actually fireworks on. Conversely, party days are very quiet - so quiet I’d suspect you might get more done on the latter even if leaving before 7PM. Got to see those fireworks though…

What are you feeling remorse about? That you are going before all the new things are done?

With Disney, they are always adding and changing, so if you use that as a reason to delay the trip, you could be waiting ad nauseum.

October is a wonderful time to go, as you mentioned. And since some people will hold off for the 50th, I think Oct. 2020 will have even lower crowds than 2021.

I think you made the right decision.

Then go back in like 2022 or 2023 when Epcot is redone.


Last year we went on the days it closed early for MNNSHP and it was great!! Low crowds.

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Wow, I am still trying to figure this out. I have went to MNSSHP and MVMCP and both times the crowd were crazy. I hear from a lot out here that it is just the opposite but I have went not even close to the actual holiday such as Oct 2 and Nov 14 and it was crowded. The one thing that gets me about these party days is that the person that doesn’t pay the extra money must leave the park early even though they have essentially paid for that time. Talk about a Disney money maker!