Tricks to get ADR

I had all the same problems this morning! I kept thinking, is this what I get for booking my next Disney dining while I’m still in Disney :upside_down_face:


@OBNurseNH Try running a marathon first before turning your head. That may do the trick. @JordanRunner was able to get right into PVH without an ADR using the marathon cheat.


Guy, I just did 20 yesterday. Surely that must count for something!

Ugh… no thanks :laughing:


Poor @JordanRunner is never gonna live that down.

My first ever, as in my lifetime, ADR day is tomorrow morning.
I am actually nervous and scared and excited.
I wish it were for a low-stakes, unimportant ADR. But, noooo, it is the one I am most looking forward to, and it needs to be that day (a Saturday) and late morning and it is Toppolino’s.

I’m in mid-transition for Internet providers, so at the moment we actually have two different ones. And I recently replaced our desktop computer. But DH talked me into leaving the old one in place. He uses it just for watching building-stuff videos. So, I think I’ll have two different desktops on two different internet providers using different browsers. And the cell phone, of course.


When I feel nervous about ADRs, I remind myself that the food at WDW is overpriced and for the most part (there are a few exceptions like Cali Grill) isn’t particularly good.

For what it’s worth - I got breakfast and dinner ADR’s there on my 60th. Sending positive vibes your way.

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Thank you. Our in-park dining is a small fraction of originally planned. The only other in-park TS we are getting is Biergarten and Crystal Palace (and we’ll cancel that if Eeyore isn’t back) and that is on 10-day tickets. Those we can also move around.
We’ll add Hoop-Dee-Doo when reservations open. So, after I get Toppolino’s, it will be smooth sailing.

Sorry for the last minute addition. I want to say this ^^^^^^^^ is the way!!

I had zero problems by doing this. And I have had some ADR problems. Before the booking window opened, I did this for each restaurant in a different tab. Once the window opens you refresh the page and then pick your day on the calendar. There are two ways to check the date -1) select your date in that little corner calendar as pictured above, or 2) click first on the “check availability” button and a calendar pops up. #1 worked best for me, but if your window is not open one way, try the other way and you should have better luck.

And finally, never, ever use Chrome. Anything but Chrome.

Good luck!

Good luck.


Chrome is my default. So, good to know.

When I’ve run into suspicious Disney web site behavior, I’ve also resorted to clearing my browser’s cache and cookies in addition to all the other suggestions people have mentioned. That clean redo had been hit and miss, but once in awhile new ADRs do magically appear. It has worked with resort room availability too, when I keep getting “no availability” responses for some dates I’m interested in. Kudos to my “techie” son who suggested I give it a try, in case some sort of “dynamic pricing” activity as he called it, was going on.

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Here’s my review of attempting ADRs. In addition to the below attempts, I also made sure I was east facing with my head tilted slightly left.

Using my laptop-
Firefox- gave me the spinning wheel of death when I tried to click on my dates or I got a blank page if I tried to click on a specific restaurant
Chrome- only showed 60 days out, not 60+10, after signing in.
Safari- showed 60+10, but gave me errors when I tried to book.

Using my phone-
Safari- same as on my laptop
Disney App- worked like a charm, I got everything I wanted.


Wooohooo. I got my Topolino’s! Yes, they lied when they said 15 before. The date on the calendar was allowed at 15 before, but no times available. I killed time pulling up other methods waiting until 6am eastern. Then I flipped when they said that it didn’t like my saved CC. But I reentered the same one, and it liked it.


Phew - as a follow up on this thread (perhaps a useful tip to add to the list if someone knows it). Can anyone confirm the ph # and email that the TP Reservation Finder messages from? I’d like to add it to my VIPs so that I will get obnoxiously loud notifications no matter what… even if I’m teaching a bunch of 6th graders (they’ll practice patience while I click).


I have 589-88 saved in my contacts as the number that the Touring Plans Reservation Finder uses. Hopefully someone else can confirm, I haven’t gotten a hit in ages.


Thanks for the thread! I’m going to try to get an ADR tomorrow for Story Book Dining. I’m on Pacific Standard Time. I need to decide if I’m going to stay up or wake up at 2:30 am. :pleading_face:

We decided to go enjoy the holiday decorations and eat our way through Disney Springs and the resorts after the 60-day ADR window has passed. In trying to get reservations, I found the app on my iPhone easiest to use. Also, sometimes searching for a meal errors with “No reservations found” or only a few show up. The app has done better with specific times.

Sadly, I deleted it. Also haven’t had a hit in ages so I’d live confirmation that this is the correct number.

Just got a hit, number was +1 (773) 904-0232


Thanks! Mousekepros has been my friend recently. I have always had a lot of luck with TP but not so much this time.