Tricking the System?

Help? The MK opening times have been changed for 3/21 - 3/23 and 3/28 -3/31 but not for 3/26 or 3/27 (the days we’re going to MK). We aren’t getting to Disney until 3/25, but we’re leaving for FL this weekend (3/20) so I won’t have my computer after Sunday. Do you think I can create a plan with 3/21 date (same crowd level) and use it on 3/27? That way I’m using the 8am opening time. Or is the holiday a huge factor in touring schedules? Also, I can make a printout and follow that but does anyone know if the plan will work on my phone with the wrong date attached to it? Thanks for any help/ideas.

Sorry, I guess I’m not clear on why you would want to do this. The opening time for 3/27 has not been changed to 8:00, so why would you want to use a plan from a day with an 8:00 start time?

In case it does. I have one made that starts at 9. But will that auto adjust if the opening time changes? And my printout will be wrong…

If the opening time does indeed change, you can re-optimize your plan on your smartphone once the TP folks have updated the time in their system.

If you really want to make the second plan, you certainly can. It may not match petfectly, but it will be fairly close. Realistically though, the order wouldn’t really change that much. Certain show times might be out of order, but that tends to be less of an issue at MK.

Oh. Thank you. But, I’ve read that the phone app can be glitchy so I wanted a printout. I obsessing too much? Probably, right?

I like having a print out too!

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Having a printout is always a good idea - I always have one. However, I’m not so sure about a printout of a plan that was optimized for a different day just in case WDW changes hours at the last minute. That is a bit much even for me, and I am a “super planner”. :smile:


Great idea, but just remember that the times you have for waits will not be correct. If the time changes to 8am, then the wait times on your plan made starting at 9 (even if you do fudge the system) will also change.

I like a print out too! It should be close enough to work.

Do another plan the earlier start time/day and take both.

All that obsessing for nothing. Park hours updated! Hooray. Thanks for help!