Trick touring plan to use 2 FP

I have 3 FPP for me and DD20: 1005 ST, 1110 Tot, 1235 TSM. I will not use my ToT and will give DD my ticket. Is there any way to trick the program to use this “4th” FP back to back with the first 11:10 ToT FP? When I put in a second T0T regular ride, it shows 75 minute wait. I am concerned that the rest of the day plan will be totally wrong with this 75 minute wait that should be much shorter with FP. Will be at HS tomorrow 12/21 and the parks are already crazy (9 of 10)! thanks for your help!!!

You can add a15 minute break and note it is the second ToT FP.

I think you could put it in as a baby swap (there’s a checkbox if you click the edit button). or in your case, a mommy swap :slight_smile: