Trick for Linking Family and Friends for Memory Maker and other plans

Just thought I’d share some information about a glitch in the Disney system when trying to link up family and friend accounts that are controlled by another adult. I have a November Memory Maker Share that I am leading, and have been linking up everyone in our group to second account that I have with Disney.

I was able to easily link up with most members of the groups as they were adults and each had their own separate MDE accounts with separate e-mail addresses. Where I ran into problems was linking up with Child or Adult accounts that were being controlled by another Adult in the group (ie the accounts did not have separate e-mail address).

Anyway, to make a long process short, there is a flaw in the Disney system where when I requested to be friends with these Child or Adult accounts, the e-mail to be able to accept the friendship from my account was coming back to my e-mail address. Basically, I would request to be friends with a child account controlled by another adult that I was already friends with. Disney would then send the confirmation e-mail back to me instead of to the other adult in order for us to become friends. What I did as a work around was forward that e-mail to the other adult who needed to accept the friend request, and then they were able to accept the request and everything was fixed.

Hope this can save others some time and effort, as I was having all kinds of problems getting accounts linked for our share for a while.

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I was experiencing this very issue for months with my son’s wife. No matter what we tried, we couldn’t get it working…I even tried what you are suggesting. Didn’t work.

Ultimately, I called Disney and they straightened it out over the phone.

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We had that glitch too – I was sharing our Memory Maker with my brother-in-law and his family and he and I were the only people (of the 8 people in 2 families) who had MDE accounts. Any request sent from me to the other 3 people in his party went to my email, and any from him to the other 3 in my party went to his email. We solved it by using the same computer to repeatedly log in to the right combination of email/MDE accounts but forwarding the emails is a much easier solution I wish we’d thought of!

I did this yesterday to link to my niece. I got the email. Forwarded to my sister and she accepted the invite and we are all connected.

Wait - so do the children of the people with the MDE account have to be linked to the MDE account that owns the Memory Maker?! I thought I read somewhere that so long as the other account owners were “owners” of their families, they would all automatically link. I’m leading a January share for the first time and I’ve got all the Liners linked, but none of their family is yet. Should they be?!

I’m not sure if this is the case or not. I would worry that if the child accounts are not linked and then one of the kid’s scans their band, then the picture would not show up in the memory maker account. I can’t confirm that they have to be, but I would be worried that it would not show up. I did not take a chance and linked up every single person going to the secondary account. Maybe someone else has an idea if you have to do this or not.

They should be. In 2017, I was linked but my husband (and MDE dependent) was not. The pics he scanned for did not show up on the share. It was a relatively easy fix because it was only a few pictures and I contacted Disney to have them added to mine.

An easy alternative is just to tell people in your share to designate a photopass magic band. The only thing to be aware of is rides that work off magic band detection - ex; 7DMT and HM: make sure each car has a photopass band in it.

Hi! I just joined this group, and was wondering if you still had room for 2 in your Nov. group? We are there Nov 10-13 for the Food and Wine. Our first time and super excited!
Please email me as I’m not sure how to get notifications

Thank you!!