Tree of life nightly show

Is it true that the tree of life has 4 different shows? it is my favourite part of the animal kingdom and wonder if I should just sit and wait when it starts to see all four?tia

Yes, that’s true. I don’t know if they show them “in sequence” or if it’s random.

Has anyone found out when the show runs?

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They do not publish times. My server at Tiffins said 8:00pm for the first showing but that seemed late.

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Starting times vary and it is normally two hours before close. its a five minute show and twenty mins between shows
hope that helps

I heard other reports that the first show was beginning right at sundown. When the park closed at 11 both the 8:00 and the sundown reports would be more than two hours. Is the two hour before closing with the new 9:00 closing?

It’s going to depend on sunset times. It won’t work until it’s “full dark”, regardless of closing time. It’s supposed to be a “spontaneous” thing, so I doubt they will ever publish times, nor would I expect it to be the same every night.

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Is this show still going on?

Yes, the tree of life is scheduled every night.

Is there a set time or times?? They are not listed on the DW site…


No, there are no set times. The shows begin around “sundown” and then occur throughout the night.