Travelling with 4 kids, 9, 7, 3, and baby--Ride accompanied?

Hello everyone :slight_smile: We are planning a trip for next February and I have a question about how my husband and I will be able to go on the rides with our kids. If I wait with our baby for a ride (i.e., BTMR), will my 9 and 7 (he will be close to 8 by the time of the trip ) year olds be able to ride together and my husband will ride with my 3 yr old? Or will I have to wait with our baby and 3 year old and then do rider swap with my husband to ride with the 3 year old and either 7 or 9 year old? Thanks for your help!

When you approach the attraction FP entrance, tell the CM you want rider swap and they will give you a paper pass.
Take the baby for a stroller ride around the area, while dad rides with all the children who are tall enough. Then take your pass and up to three repeat riders back to the entrance.
Don’t tap your MB for the first ride, you’ll need your FP for the second. The paper pass gets your kids in with you even though they have already used their FPs.

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7 and older can ride without an adult so yes they can ride together

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure if the kids had to be 8 and older to ride unaccompanied or if any child over 7 can ride without a parent/adult.

Thank you!