Traveling solo to disney

I am traveling solo to Disney in April to watch my daughter march (at least so far maybe my husband and son might join for the weekend) Recommendations on where you would stay and I don’t want to break the bank.

Usually when I am solo I stay at Pop Century. Reasonable price, all the rooms have been renovated and I have never had a problem using the busses.

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Yep Pop would be my choice.

I’ll agree with Pop! That’s where I’m staying for a few solo days in Feb.

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I’d choose POP too!

My solo trips are almost always at POP - unless I decide to stay at SOG (more expensive, but definitely nicer rooms/resort). Next trip I’m splurging to celebrate my 60th birthday and am renting DVC points at WL…

I’m another fan of Pop for solo travel, unless I’m able to find a really good deal somewhere else (like MVT’s Labor Day specials).

Another vote for Pop. I might be going solo from Feb 1-10 next year if my friend can’t go.