Traveling outside of Walt's World

Besides Disney, what other family favorite travel destinations have you extensively planned and researched?

Everywhere we go is extensively planned and researched. :smile:

The most recent “big” trip was Hawaii - three of the islands over three weeks. Serious WDW-level planning…

So @brklinck, what do you use to do your outside of WDW trip research? I find myself at Trip Advisor quite a bit, and sometimes the library.

Besides Disney? Why would I want to go anywhere else? :wink:

Trip Advisor, guidebooks, internet research, friends who had gone before - the list is endless! If we are looking to rent a condo, we usually look at VRBO.

DW and I work together well for vacation planning. She does more of the traditional planning (what we are going to do), and I do more of the logistics (how we are going to do it).