Traveling Homeschooler deals - (Non- homeschoolers allowed)

I just wanted to share the updates to the Traveling Homeschoolers offers.

My family did the Disney trip in 2019. Tickets that year were $378 for six day hoppers, an after hours party and an educational experience (we chose the elephant one something Giants).

Sadly, this year the Disney tickets are freaking $625.

BUT - THE ANNOUNCED the UNIVERSAL one today and it is a steal.

$204 for five day tickets.

Both trips are in November. I wish I wanted to go back to Universal already, but it’s too soon. I’d have loved to take my girls back to WDW as it has been four years, but not at that ticket price. Even with the perks it’s a boat load of money.

Here are links:

WDW trip
Disney World - Traveling Homeschoolers

Universal trip:
Universal - Traveling Homeschoolers

Again - you don’t have to be homeschoolers to use them (you do need to have kids in your party).

I don’t check the boards everyday these days, but if you have questions about the company I will try to get around to answer them.


Thank you for sharing. That is a steal of a deal for Universal! Unfortunately I won’t be able to use the deal. I will be in France during that time.

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That’s neat! I wish I had known about that when DS was in high school at home. I like all the breakfasts etc. like in the aquarium.

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