Traveling from Poly to Epcot

Is traveling from the Poly resort to Epcot difficult? I read somewhere that it takes 45+ minutes on the monorail b/c you have two switch at the ticket center.

You can actually walk from the Poly to the TTC, and board the Epcot monorail there, which might save you some time. I think 30 minutes is a reasonable guess if you do it that way. If I recall correctly, the resort monorail loop runs Poly -> GF -> MK ->Contemporary->TTC, so if you take the resort monorail you’re hitting every other stop before you can transfer. Walking to the TTC could save you a decent bit of time.

Edit: Also, in answer to the actual question: no, it’s not difficult at all. You’ll be fine. Even if you do have to transfer, switching monorails isn’t too rough. Certainly nothing like switching trains in a major city!

It’s not difficult, but I often allot 45 minutes for travel time anyway because I’d rather have some buffer time and not get panicky if there’s a delay anywhere.

I have breakfast at Ohana at 730. Then an Epcot FP at 10 (it’s Soarin & the only ride my daughter wants to go in at Epcot, so it’s a must do). This is our last day at Disney, so I was thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal to take a taxi from Poly to Epcot if need be.

you should be ok. Does the FPP start at 10? or end at 10?

you have an hour to use the FPP. If it starts at 10, you should have time to take Disney transport. I’d guess you’d finish up 'Ohana around 9am. (I allot 90 minutes for character meals). Walk to TTC and grab the monorail to EPCOT. You’ll arrive EPCOT shortly after 10am (guesstimate) and you can head right over to Soarin.

If the FPP ends at 10, then yes, get a cab. You might not make it in time. It’s cutting really close.

FP window is 940-1040. So I should be okay if I walk to Ticket & Transport, then take monorail to Epcot.

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